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Other Physical Issues


Dyslexia and other things

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

by Gary Craig

Hi Everyone,

While in Denver recently I had many one-on-one sessions with participants at the conference. Lynn West was one of them. We worked successfully on a number of issues, one of which was dyslexia. I think we spent 15 or 20 minutes on it altogether. Dyslexia, and other learning disabilities, represents yet another virtually untouched field for applying EFT. With Lynn's permission, I am posting her informative letter about it.

Cheers, Gary

Hi Gary!

Thanks for adding me to your email forum. It's very informative already.

FYI, the work we did with the dyslexia and dyscalculia and skydiving in Denver is still holding. Interestingly, I read a book and a half on the flight coming back to Baltimore from Denver (about 2 hours 41 minutes) of scientific principles around acupuncture (representing more difficult reading material). This is quite speedy for me. The only explanation I have is that instead of having to reread everything 3 to 10 x in order to get what most people only need to read once, one of the problems of having dyslexia, I can now, as a result of your session, zip right through one time and get it the first time thus being able to accomplish far more in a day.

I'll let you know what happens with this. Being new to your forum, perhaps this is something that others have also experienced.

Lynn West

Hi Everyone,

Laura Campbell asked me backchannel the following question regarding my recent post on dyslexia (as reported by Lynn West, the client). My response follows her question.

"Gary, Thanks for the post on dyslexia. How did you target this to get your results. My step-son is dyslexic and hates to read. I haven't figured out how to target the issue. Again, thanks."

Laura Campbell, BCSW

GC RESPONSE: Lynn West and I spent very little time on this because it was just one of a handful of issues we addressed in less than an hour's time. When she mentioned to me she had dyslexia I asked her how it manifested itself (I was looking for a way to test the result after applying EFT to the problem). She said she couldn't spell the world "myself" on a typewriter without transposing the letters

so that it came out "myslef." I don't remember the exact procedure from there but I'm almost positive I had her tap for "Even though I screw up spelling 'myself'...". After a couple of rounds I turned on my computer, loaded up the word processor and had her start typing a sentence that contained the word 'myself'. No problem. I then had her type just the word 'myself' five times in a row. No problem. I then had her type the word five times as fast as she possibly could. She made the kinds of errors you might expect from typing too fast but, as I recall it, those errors did not include transposing the letters. If she had made transpositional errors, I would have done some more tapping. Since she didn't, I let it go and went onto something else.

In her previous post, Lynn reported being able to read in an improved (non-dyslexic) manner after our EFT session. Please note that we did not tap specifically for her ability to read. We only tapped for the transposition of letters when she typed a certain word. Even though this approach was quite specific, the work we did apparently generalized over other aspects of the problem. This happens with some frequency and is a nice bonus for this process. Is she done? Perhaps. Only time will tell. However, any other manifestations (aspects) of dyslexia that show up in the future are probably only a round or two of EFT away from resolution.

You may be this fortunate with your step-son. Then again, you may need to separate the problem into several parts (aspects) and tap for them individually. Aspects might be...

"Even though I can't focus..."

"Even though I can't write down a phone number without transposing letters..."

"Even though I feel so stupid/inadequate about this..."

"Even though I am blocked from reading normally..."

"Even though I feel all this emotional static when I try to read/write etc...."

There are many other possibilities, of course. You might try watching Adrienne's work with Norma at the end of tape 2 of the Part I videotapes in the EFT course. There you will see a whole session with a dramatic change in Norma's dyslexia. Please notice, however, that Norma doesn't do handsprings as a result of this literal transformation because she doesn't quite know how to digest what happens. She did, however, go out and get a new job that required her to read out loud to people. This was formerly impossible for her.

As I indicated in my previous post on this subject, the proper treatment of learning disabilities is virgin territory for EFT. Hardly anyone is using EFT to address the problem even though schools, parents, etc. spend substantial funds in comparatively futile efforts to gain relief. Resolving dyslexia and other learning disabilities is an instant key to personal self image enhancement. Often, you can literally shift the quality of someone's life in one or two brief sessions. Perhaps someday we can establish an arm of EFT that specializes in just this problem. Please let us hear from anyone else who has experience using EFT regarding learning disabilities.

Hope this helps, Gary


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