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Other Physical Issues


Food allergy and eczema disappear after using EFT on specific events

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our Free Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tutorial™ for a more complete understanding.

Hi Everyone,

There are two EFT principles involved in this excellent article by Aileen Nobles: (1) the link between emotions and physical ailments and (2) aiming EFT at specific events. Well worth reading for professionals and laypersons alike.

Hugs, Gary

By Aileen Nobles

Hello Gary, I have found skin problems often respond very well to EFT, but some are very challenging indeed. This case was relatively simple with a happy ending, yet she had suffered for many years with this painful and embarrassing skin problem.

When Tamar first came to me she was suffering from an eczema-like rash nearly all over her body.  It was painful and embarrassing, and interfered with her love for playing golf, as perspiring aggravated the situation.  She would end up with red painful weeping sores.  She also had a strong allergic reaction to wheat that aggravated her skin condition. 

I asked her when it first began and she mentioned that she had a mild outbreak in college.  She was under great stress, drinking large amounts of caffeine, using drugs and drinking, and she also spent many sleepless nights studying.  It later emerged full blown when she was going through a divorce.

I asked her if she could remember any traumatic incident that revolved around eating as a child.  Tamar remembered eating pasta (containing wheat) one evening with her family.  She got into an argument with her mother at the table, and her mother leaned over and hit her in the mouth.  Her father started shouting at her and raised his fist as if he was also going to hit her … she was terrified and in shock.  She was forced to sit at the table and continue eating her pasta, trying to hold back tears and anger.  This seemed like a good place to begin.  We tapped on:

I remember when I was eating dinner with my family and my mother hit me in the mouth.

My own mother hit me in the mouth, I thought my father was going to hit me too.

How could she do that to me?

It was such a shock to my system.

I didn’t want to cry, but it hurt so much.

I remember I was eating pasta.

I have this poisonous memory in my system.

Some part of me remembers and connects wheat food with trauma.

It was a bad experience, and now every time I get near wheat I have a bad reaction.

But its all about the emotions connected with that experience.

How dare she hit me, she’s my mother!

I tried to hold my tears in and I was so angry and shocked.

I’ve held in a lot of tears over the years, and it could be it erupts on my skin.

We did a complete basic round on:

Tears and irritation

All of these emotions are now being released,

Even though my mother hit me in the mouth and I was eating wheat, its now safe for wheat to become my friend.

Whole wheat is full of nutrition and my body will now happily accept it as a nutritious delicious part of many foods.

I forgive my mother and know she was doing the best she knew how with her limitations.

At this point we used kinesiology (muscle testing) to see if Tamar now tested strong for wheat, and she did.  However, I never rely on muscle testing, as I know how easily it can be influenced to give false readings.  So, at this point we were just going to have to wait and see what happened when she ate a food with wheat in it.

In our next session Tamar had eaten wheat with no negative reaction appearing on her skin.  Although her eczema had not completely gone, it was improved.  She was returning to Australia in a few days so this issue needed to be resolved.  We got to work on releasing pent up tears and anger.  Rarely did Tamar cry.  She held it in, and pushed it down inside her.  She felt it was weak to cry, and had been punished and belittled as a child when she showed emotion.

I have so much pain inside that I never expressed.

It wasn’t safe to cry.

I have to be brave and stuff it inside.

I’m so angry that I can’t speak up and I’m so sad I cant express it.

We diffused two particularly painful memories of being emotionally abused and humiliated until the intensity was down to zero.  This was one of those cases where abuse was a way of life, but by diffusing two of the situations, a lot more seemed to collapse.  (Legs supporting the tabletop)  Tamar started crying and crying.  I tapped on myself (surrogately) as she cried and I continued to say the words.  As she became calm her facial expression changed, as did her energy field.  We continued tapping.

Even though I have been expressing my tears and anger through my skin…  We did a complete round of basic tapping on this one statement.

Now it’s safe to let go of this pain I don’t need it to erupt on my skin anymore.

I thank my physical body for showing me all these years that inner healing needed to take place.

Now I understand and no longer need my skin to remind me.

I am ready to be healed whole, joyful and peaceful.

I deserve clear and healthy skin.

I allow healthy skin, and I allow myself to be out in the sunshine absorbing vitamin D having a wonderful time playing golf.

I then had Tamar imagine herself on the golf course in the sun with her skin feeling and looking healthy.  She tapped on her karate point as she did this and had a wonderful smile on her face.

She e-mailed me a few days later to say that her skin was almost back to normal and she had eaten foods with wheat and had no reaction whatsoever.  A couple of weeks later she told me her skin looked wonderful.  She had also improved her golf score!  Although this traumatic event happened earlier in her life and had festered for years, it probably came to the surface when Tamar was under great stress in college, and later with her divorce.

Our bodies are always giving us messages, and if we tune in and listen, and clear what need to be cleared, healing most often happens on the mental, emotional and physical levels.  Oh joy of joys, the praises for EFT just keep flowing.




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