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Serious Diseases


22 years of pain from degenerative arthritis gone after persistent EFT

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Marlene Marion's client eliminates her severe pain after several sessions aimed at dealing with emotional issues. Notice how some of these emotions (and memories) were repressed and how Marion had her client make up an event from her past. This is an excellent method that I have used with impressive results.

Hugs, Gary

By Marlene Marion EFT-ADV

Dear Gary,

I am so proud to be able to say that EFT was able to heal a woman with degenerative arthritis and very few childhood memories.  Brenda has had severe pain for 22 years at an intensity level of a constant 6 of a scale of 0-10.

She had to shuffle her feet because of so much pain in her legs and hips and her back was so painful that she had a hard time sleeping.  She was unable to move her head fully to the left or right because her range of movement was constricted with pain.  She had pain in her neck that was getting worser, where the pain was at 8 out of 10.  Brenda would also get constant migraines, averaging 3 a week.

At each session I first worked on some of the immediate pain in order to make her sessions more comfortable.  Then we worked on some issues of helplessness and loss after her husband, sister, mother and dad all died in a fairly short span of years.

Brenda's brother tortured her when she was small and her mother was always doing mean things to her - sending her to her room and telling her how worthless she was.  Although she had no emotion and couldn't remember exact events, she could remember some things that where quite awful.  For example, she had been locked up in a rabbit cage and left there for hours and she'd been tied to a tree in the woods and left there for hours.  But she was good at repressing and could not bring up any emotion about these things.

So I tapped on the emotion I thought she must have been feeling, when she was trapped like that.

Even though I was left in the woods all tied up and unable to move and frightened I deeply and completely accept myself and whatever other feelings I must have had at the time.

Even though I was left caged up and unable to move … just like arthritis hard to move, I deeply and completely accept myself and whatever feelings I must have had at the time.

Next, we worked more aggressively, saying the words louder and tapping harder. Followed by a marathon of tapping on all points saying, I am free of arthritis, I am a child of God and I deserve to move with ease.

Even though I have this arthritis, I choose to believe the world is now safe for me to move freely in, and I completely choose to love and accept myself.

I also found that by making up the emotion while tapping these emotions would sometimes come out.  So I became hopeful.  We also tapped a lot on anger, worthlessness, depression, hurt, sadness, feeling unloved, feeling unsafe to express herself.

I also had her make up a movie for when she was very young, having her mother lock her up in a closet and telling her how worthless she is.  This was toward the end and I think it's what made her arthritis finally leave.

It took us a month; she came once a week and left with homework each time.  Her homework was to tap on her pain and stress level throughout the day.  And I had her tapping affirmations on herself daily, such as; I am getting healthier everyday … I move comfortably ... I am safe to move about freely ... I am deserving.

Brenda now has no pain in her back, hips, legs, neck or hands.  She can also move her head fully to the side with ease.  She also walks with normal pain-free strides.  So far this has lasted 2 weeks so we are hopeful she will remain this way.  I am very grateful and humble to the fact that EFT was brought into the world.

Love Marlene Marion EFT-ADV


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