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Using Surrogate EFT on 2-month old baby after surgery

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Lori and Brad Gilbert's new baby needed surgery to survive. The surgery trauma, however, was still causing the baby much distress when back at home. Note how Lori and Brad resolved this trauma by tuning into their child and intuiting what likely happened in the operating room. This story could be the launching pad to take you to the next level in your EFT skills. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Lori Gilbert, L.Ac

My second child was born at home wonderfully, with my husband holding me, and midwives delivering our son Ariel Jarod, who appeared to be very normal, healthy and vibrant.  However, when he was 8 weeks old he began vomiting and it was green, because bile was coming up. 

I was breastfeeding and he could not hold down a meal.  He was getting dehydrated so we took him to the doctor, who immediately sent us to the hospital.  (We had tried EFT surrogately for Ari, regarding the vomiting and his being allergic to something in my milk, but it had not helped.)

After two days of tests, including X-rays, CT scans, upper and lower GI tests, the doctors had concluded our baby's small intestine was obstructed due to his having congenital malrotated intestines.  He needed surgery or else the obstruction could occur again and he could die.  What was even scarier was that he had a mass on his liver and they would not be able to tell whether it was cancerous until they did surgery.

Those ten days we spent in the pediatric ICU in the hospital were probably the most stressful days we have ever had.  I can't say that we did much EFT during that time, because we just didn't remember to.  Although when I look back now, I know we should have!  It was as if we couldn't even think of it.

We have worked on the incident on ourselves later, to help remove that very stressful event from our energy systems, but I don't think every aspect has quite been cleared.  Things come up once in a while and we tap on them then, as they are tied to other events too.

However, we prayed so much at the hospital, and asked just about everyone we knew to pray for Ari too.  I do believe those prayers helped so much because Ari's surgery went so well, that he did not even have to have a blood transfusion, and the anesthesiologist had guaranteed us that everyone who undergoes surgery to the liver ends up with a blood transfusion. 

Well, Ari was his first example that it is not always true.  They removed the mass on Ari's liver, which was benign, and did a routine procedure that helps put the intestines into a position that they will work correctly, reducing the risk of obstruction (although they are not put into normal anatomical position.)  Ari had a very long incision across his abdomen for all this.

After the surgery, we were in the hospital by Ari's side until he was released.  He was healing up well, but after we returned home, we noticed that we could not put Ari down on the changing table to change his diaper or clothes, lying on his back.  He would let out a blood-curdling scream and cry until we picked him up and he was out of that position.  We literally had to bundle his arms up to his sides to calm him down enough to change his diaper.  The pain medications they gave us to give him did not seem to help.  Tapping on him about his potential pain did not seem to help either.

This kept on for many days before I got a clue that lying on his back on the changing table was the same position he was in for the surgery.  Could he have been screaming because that position of lying on his back, helpless, was when they cut him open for his surgery?  Well, this looked like a tappable issue to try.

Being an acupuncturist, I see people all the time who have blockages in their meridians due to surgeries.  I believe that surgeries, even when the conscious mind is asleep under anesthesia, still cause the same energy blockages in the body that would have happened if the person were awake - helpless, in pain, out of control of what is happening to them, terrified, and perhaps other things, like what were the doctors and nurses saying about the patient which they could hear. 

These things affect the patient very dramatically in such situations.  We know even babies in the womb are aware of when others are talking about them and they react with changes in their biochemistry, movement, etc.  We intellectually knew that Ari needed to have the surgery to save his life, but knowing that still doesn't change how the emotional body reacts to trauma.

So, I began to tap on myself for Ari on the changing table while Daddy was changing him.  Sometimes my husband did the tapping while I had Ari on the table for changing.  In between the changings as we thought of other things, we tapped for Ari.  We did things like,

Even though I was so scared when the doctors cut me open, I am OK now.

Even though I felt so abandoned when Mommy and Daddy left me with the strange doctors...

Even though the doctors cut me open, and no one rescued me...

Even though they hurt me so badly...

Even though Mommy and Daddy were so scared for me and I took this on as my own fear...

Even though I had no control over what was happening to me...

Even though I was so terrified and helpless...

Even though there were such scary voices, noises and lights...

Even though no one could protect me from their knives...

We had to use our imaginations to come up with a lot of this, because we were not allowed in the surgery room, so could not see what was happening to Ari at that time.

Within two days of doing these rounds of EFT for Ari, he started to relax a lot more when he was on the changing table, acting more like he did before the surgery.  He could lie on his back then and just be quiet while we changed him, without us having to bundle him.  He no longer made his blood-curdling screams.  Of course, this helped us relax more too (especially for those middle-of-the-night diaper changes!)

A couple months later I got a copy of the surgeon's report of exactly what they did during Ari's surgery.  We then went through and did more tapping for Ari about the specifics of what had happened, like the laser scalpel they used on his liver and the cutting of the mesentery when they were moving his intestines around.  This was just to help "clean up" other aspects of the surgery that may or may not have had any impact on Ari.  But he still was fine when on the changing table - the problem never came back.

We try EFT for our children on just about everything - since they are little, they just can't articulate the problem and we just have to figure it out ourselves!  It does help a lot of the time!  Thank you for this wonderfully amazing tool.


Lori and Brad Gilbert


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