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Serious Diseases

Parkinson's Disease

EFT provides help for two symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Jagjeet Singh Ahluwalia, from India (currently in Canada), used EFT with his mother for her recently diagnosed Parkinson's Disease. Please note the following: (1) Both symptoms improved significantly but one of them tended to come back, (2) Persistence is often called for with Serious Diseases, (3) There was a language difficulty in this case but it didn't seem to matter and (4) The whole thing was done over the phone.

Shortly after this article was put out on the internet, Jagjeet received some questions from interested readers. His detailed answers are given at the end and should be very helpful.

By Jagjeet Singh Ahluwalia

My mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease 4 months ago. I used EFT for her over the phone because I am in Canada and she is in India. I have been tapping with her regularly on various issues. She has been having upswings and downswings in terms of success.

But one symptom she used to have was that she was afraid of sitting down and it used to take her 45-50 minutes to settle down in a chair. With EFT we brought it down to less than 5 minutes. The various things that we tapped on for this particular issue included:

Even though......

Fear of falling

Shaking feeling all over

I don't know why this is happening

as if my legs have no life in them

and others which I don't remember now

All of this was done with her in Hindi (her native Indian language) and not in English so this works as well as it works in English :-) and I really did not limit myself with the words or language at any point. Whatever came to me I tapped on, in fact sometimes when I am doing tapping via the phone I just tap for her saying things aloud in English because I don't know the exact words in Hindi and ask her to keep tapping along on whatever points she remembers and put the phone on speaker.

Another breakthrough I would say was with one particular condition wherein her teeth have actually been grinding and clenching continuously, uncontrollably. So she has been very uncomfortable because of that and not able to speak. Day before yesterday I specifically tapped on that issue:

Even though I have this uncontrollable grinding and clenching...I have this anger and unresolved emotion inside me (She says she does not remember anything related to that so I tapped on what I was guided to).

In the first 15 minutes session the teeth started working fine, i mean to say the grinding and clenching process stopped for first time in many months and she felt quite a relief.

But next time yesterday when I called her again she said that the process with the teeth had started again, then I kept talking to her and asked her how does it feel. She said, "It was like dust coming out of the teeth, it is very problematic, I do not feel like talking to anyone because of this."

I tapped on each of these aspects and in addition I have been collecting some info on Parkinson's on the web and also on so I added these statements.

Even though I have this problem of uncontrollable grinding and clenching of my teeth I now request and ask my that part of my brain which controls this functioning to become regenerated and be healthy again and now have complete control over the functioning of my teeth.

Even though I am not receiving enough oxygen supply to me brain...

Even though my breathing is not deep and correct I am asking my red blood cells to absorb minerals and bring oxygen to every part of my body (I found this on the emofree website for something else... but it is valid for Parkinson's also)

I even tapped on this again:

Even though I have this unresolved emotion and pent up anger which is causing this uncontrollable clenching and grinding of the teeth.....

Next I also used the Choices Method I learned thru your newsletter (Thanks a lot )

Even though I have this unresolved emotion....... causing........ I now choose to completely let go of this emotion and related problem and am free and clear now.

I spoke to her again today and asked her about her progress. She said it was ok for a few hours (the relief time has improved from a few minutes to a few hours) but then it started again. I had actually asked her that if it happens during daytime then to repeat while tapping to request that part of the brain which is controlling to work fine, etc. However what she told me was that she did not remember what I had told her but instead she said, "God please help me with this" and tapped on whatever points she could remember while repeating this and the problem in the teeth stopped. Quite an achievement for her I would say.

Best Regards,


Follow-up Questions and Answers

Good Evening Gary,

I have been thinking of writing to you again as I made further progress with certain other symptoms of Parkinson's in my Mom's case. Two more being that She had a stiff neck which would not bend forward, now it works fine as I write. Second was she had some difficulty in speaking which also seems to be improving. She is starting to do some household chores now for last 4-5 days and communicates clearly now.

Before I could write to you the EFT newsletter was sent out yesterday and then I received a e-mails from people who were looking for more info in detail. So I actually tried to consolidate what I had done and what I remember and sent it out to them.

Best Wishes and Regards, Jagjeet


Hello Everyone there,

I am taking the liberty to write to all of you in a single mail because each one of you are seeking info on Parkinson's to help yourself or your near and dear ones. First of all I wish all of you success in your efforts and I hope that the Info that I give here is useful.

Actually when I started working with my MOM I did not know she had Parkinson's. But she had one symptom as mentioned in the EFT newsletter article i.e a fear of sitting down and she would take around 40-50 minutes to settle down in a chair. So I started tapping on that and achieved some success. Thereafter she was diagnosed officially with Parkinson's in May (But looking back she has had symptoms for quite a Few months including tremors, shaking all over the body etc).

Since I now knew what the disease was I started looking for more info on Parkinson's on the net and came across a few interesting facts. First was the medical explanation which comprised of:

What is Parkinson's disease? Parkinson's disease occurs when some of the nerve centers in the brain lose the ability to regulate muscle movements. As a result, you may have rigid muscles, tremors, and difficulty walking and swallowing. Parkinson's disease is one of the most common diseases affecting movement in people over age 55. It is chronic, meaning you will have it the rest of your life. It also is progressive, which means the symptoms grow worse over time. The disease may become disabling after many years. However, proper treatment should make it possible for you to lead a fulfilling, productive life.

How does it occur? Parkinson's disease results when nerve cells in a certain part of the brain die or stop working properly. These cells stop producing an important brain chemical called dopamine. Dopamine normally transmits signals to another part of the brain that allows controlled muscle movement. Without enough dopamine, the cells in this part of the brain fire out of control. As a result, you are unable to control your movements normally.

There were some important things that I came across on the internet that I thought could be important in my Mom's case:

Stress Proper Breathing pattern

So I formulated a few EFT statements based on what I found and what I already had access to on the EFT website. These included:

Even though my brain is not generating new cells I deeply and completely..

Even though I do not want to continue like this I deeply..

Even though the doc said that the brain is not generating new cells and I should only be surviving on medicine rest of my life I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though the doc said that this does not have any cure anywhere in the world I deep..

Even though according to the doctor it is almost impossible to regenerate the brain cells I deeply and completely accept myself

Even though my brain and body are not working in harmony I deeply and..

Even though I am afraid of doing things I deeply.

Even though I can't breathe deeply I am asking my red blood cells to absorb minerals and bring oxygen to every part of my body. I'm asking the red blood cells to make my body tingle all over

Even though I might not have enough dopamine in my system

Even though my brain cells might not be generating Dopamine

Even though the Blood flow might not be proper in various parts of my brain

Even though I might have a faulty breathing pattern

Even though my third eye is not receiving enough energy

Even Though my mind has been overactive with stress

Even though the blood flow is not proper in my system

Even though I might have been having excessive release of the stress hormone cortisol

Even though some nerve cells in my brain might be dead

Even though some nerve cells in my brain might not be working correctly

Now in my Mom's specific case I have worked with specific symptoms of:

1) Tremors - another thing that I read helpful is that whenever you are beginning to have a tremor or that Shaky feeling take in a deep breath and hold it for some time and then take in a few more deep breaths. This actually stops the shakes and tremors completely. I have in fact asked her to have at least three cycles of deep breathing in a day and later on I asked her to take a deep breath every 15 minutes or whenever she remembers. I think this is adding to the cure and she rarely has any tremors now for almost a month.

2) Clenching and Grinding of teeth 3) Stiffness in the neck, in fact she was not able to move her neck forward and see down. 4) Stiffness in the Tongue and inability and non willingness to speak 5) General weakness and inability to do things on her own.

I tapped on specifics of whatever she told me and Some particular statements that I found useful in almost all symptoms were:

Even though my teeth grind continuously I am now requesting and asking that part of my brain which controls the functioning of my teeth to become regenerated and I now have full control over the functioning/movement of my teeth.

This could be used for the neck movement, tongue stiffness

Even though I cannot move my neck forward or even though My tongue is stiff and cannot speak properly I now request and ask that part of my brain which controls the functioning of neck or my speech to be regenerated and I now have full control etc....

There were times at which I used to ask her if this problem reminds her of anything she used to say no so I have invariably for all problems tapped on

Even though I have this unresolved, emotion, anger, fear that is causing me ...... (the problem) I deeply......

This is followed by:

Even though I have this unresolved emotion fear etc I now choose to let go of this unresolved emotion fear and I am free and clear now....

During the daily tapping routine I once felt stuck that I was getting nowhere with issues so I started talking to her and asking her some questions which Gary had mentioned in one of his article:

"When was the last time you cried and why?" "Who/what makes you angry and why?" "What is your biggest sadness or regret?"

Well she had a no or I do not remember as an answer for all the questions I asked her. Then what I did was I asked her to walk me through her life beginning with any oldest memories of her childhood she might have, she was ready to do that and she then told me about her school days in a small village (one important thing here is sometimes she used to say she does not remember but if I kept speaking to her she would have some memories) and suddenly she said I used to get very sick and had to leave school, I asked her why and she said that whenever she used to eat something made out of corn she got sick. We tapped on that

Even though I had to leave school Even though I was allergic to corn Even though I got very sick once And other things

I kept on talking to her about her brothers/sisters and all nothing came up and then she remembered that there was a particular lady a neighbor who used to take good care of all the children and mom was pretty fond of her and she expired, so we tapped on that. After that I asked her again does she have any grief she said no. Actually I had heard (it was never discussed in the family) that there was an elder sister to me who had expired pretty young so I asked her does she remember her, she said of course yes. Then she told me very vividly about what had happened and that she still cried over her. She was 10 months of age when she suddenly got ill and expired. So I then tapped on all this that:

Even though I lost my daughter at an early age.... Even though I have suppressed grief over her.... Even though I still remember her and cry....

One thing that I probably need to highlight is that I tap for her on myself and ask her to tap along at whatever points she remembers along with me and this is all done over phone.

Today is 22nd of June and I got news from India yesterday that she has started to take part in some household chores, she is much more mobile now (she had very restricted movement earlier) and she has much more confidence in her with the way she communicates, speaks and all.

I hope this email is useful for those who are seeking info and I also hope that these results stay long term for my mother and others who would use it. A few additional things I have asked her to practice are to keep repeating

- "Everyday in everyway I am getting better and better", - to keep saying thank you to everything and everyone and - of course I keep telling her time and again that whatever progress she is making she is making on her own by activating the healing power within her.

All the Best, Jagjeet


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