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An EFT reference for student and social service use

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Rehana Webster provides two useful letters from a New Zealand social services organizations attesting to the value of EFT for students and social services.  You should find them helpful when approaching schools or other public organizations.

Hugs, Gary

Submitted by Rehana Webster, Bsc


As the Director of the largest Maori social service provider in Rotorua, my staff and I have had the privilege of knowing Rehana Webster for the past two years. 

Rehana was contracted by this Trust in 2003 to train staff in the use of E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and a second two day refresher workshop was also completed on the 26 and 27 September 2005. 

My staff consisting of counsellors, social workers and facilitators are now advanced practitioners of EFT which we have been using with clients for two years with outstanding results. 

One of my social workers has also incorporated EFT into our Clean Anger Programme which is used predominantly with Maori students from twenty local schools.  These students have been referred to our service due to their use of aggression and bullying with other students.

The students really appreciate the new technique of ‘tapping’ that they have been taught to manage their anger and their feedback is that they can do this anywhere and that it works for them. 

As a lead Maori service provider we have found that our Maori clients readily accept EFT as a technique that they can use for their own benefit.  Many of these clients have historical or long standing issues which conventional counselling methods may over time provide some relief for. 

Without fail, EFT may only take one or two sessions to gain complete freedom for the client from chronic, recurring stress. 

I have great pleasure in recommending Rehana Webster to any Maori group or organisation who have their client’s total emotional and mental well-being at heart.  Freedom from harmful, debilitating trauma and stress can be provided through EFT. 

Maxine W Rennie


Program coordinator:

Leigh Mohi

Mana Social Services Trust

P.O. Box 775


Phone: 07 348 6191

Fax: 07 348 6192

Email: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.


  • New Zealand is acknowledged the foremost leader in the development of restorative justice internationally.  Restorative justice brings together victims and offenders, allows victims the right to be herd and have their feelings of fear, anger, hurt acknowledged and seeks solution on how to ‘put things right’. 
  • The Rotorua student Restorative Justice Program for 9-13 year olds was developed by Mana Social Services Trust and in the years 2003-2005 received 129 referrals from twenty local schools.  The highest referral categories for the two year period were for aggressive/bullying behaviour (92%), continual disobedience (10%), verbal abuse (11%), and drug alcohol possession or use (24%), other categories were not as significant. 
  • Due to the high numbers of students using aggressive/bullying behaviour at school Mana Social services Trust developed the Clean Anger Program to help these youngsters learn the difference between anger and violence and also what was acceptable use of anger.  Much of what our young people display reflects what they experience at home with many of them already suffering from various aspects of abuse in their lives.  For many this is normal behaviour role modelled by adults.


Staff of Mana Social Services Trust have been trained in EFT by Rehana Webster and this new technique has been incorporated into the work of the Trust through its counselling and social services and more importantly as a new tool to teach young students how to ‘tap away their anger’.  The kinds love it and readily accept this ‘tapping’ tool to keep them cool. 


‘Before the programme I used to argue a lot with others.  The program made me change’. 

‘Clean Anger taught me how to handle my anger, how to take time out.  Now I do anger management (EFT) everywhere.  At home I go to my room and tap’. 

‘I was surprised he went along for the whole four weeks and I started to notice to change in how he talked to his mates’. 

‘He was horrible and would try to assault the teachers. Mana helped him get tack on track.  He’s changed at home now.  The change is excellent.  He never got on with anyone and hardly had any friends.  Now he has heaps’.

These students received their EFT insights from Leigh Mohi who also took them through the Clean Anger Program.  Every angry or violent student is taught how to tap (EFT) and Leigh regularly monitors their progress during her visits around the schools.  Most school are amazed at the results with those that were once the school bullies.

Cheers EFT

Maxine Rennie


Mana Social Services Trust.

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