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Back Pain Relief

Back pain, head issues and "God issues"

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here are three cases you might find interesting. First, Alan Woodhouse uses EFT to completely eliminate a severe back pain. After that, Stephanie Douglas gets relief by self applying EFT for her head trauma of 40 years duration. Finally, David Peppiatt helps a client by focusing on "God issues."

Hugs, Gary

by Alan Woodhouse

Hi Gary,

I had a very interesting experience using EFT over the phone. My client had severe back pain and had been in bed for 6 days. She had not been able to get up at all, not even to go to the bathroom. She was in severe pain and saw no end in sight. Luckily she had a speaker phone. I taught her EFT over the phone and we started tapping.

We worked through various set up phrases until the pain started to move. Rather then play "chase the pain" with EFT I switched to NLP parts work. I have found that when the pain starts to move it is generally a "part" that needs to be worked on.

GC COMMENT: What's interesting here is the various methods of zeroing in on a problem. I typically go for core issues or aspects and you go for NLP "parts." In essence, we are doing the same thing--getting to the roots of a problem.

ALAN CONTINUES: Once we identified and worked with the part the pain was gone completely and she was able to get up and walk around for the first time in 6 days. She has had no reoccurrences of the pain for several months. The EFT made this possible.

I use EFT combined with NLP and other energy therapies with all of my clients. With so many wonderful tools available I am able to combine treatments to meet the specific needs of each of my clients. The added bonus to EFT is that once I have taught them the basics they can take it away with them and use it as they need it.

Keep up the great work Gary.



by Stephanie Douglas

Hi Gary,

I learned about your web site mid May and since then have bought the first two video courses. I am into tape 7 of the "Steps toward becoming The Ultimate Therapist" series. I love them.

About 40 years ago, as a young child, I fell on my head and received a serious injury that was not discovered until 10 years ago when I was at deaths door. Since then I have been in treatment, using various non surgical methods, working to regain my health. My body was successfully restored to a functional state but my mind was distorted by the trauma from the fall. Last month I became aware of and went into treatment for this debilitating condition called shock trauma. I also started using EFT.

Trauma energy is difficult to work with. It is governed by the involuntary part of the brain which can't be touched by the cognitive mind. Successful treatment is achieved through somatically experiencing the trauma which allows the body to integrate the energy. I found this work slow, expensive, re-traumatizing and depressing.

Tapping has significantly changed the shock trauma condition.

Not much happened for me until I prefaced the tapping rounds with, "Even though I need this (feeling, sensation, emotion, life experience etc.), I deeply..............." What this did was acknowledged and honor the survival process my deep unconscious has been stuck in. When the shock trauma symptoms of disassociation, terror, feeling powerless, re-experiencing the trauma in present circumstances etc. were addressed as needed (at some level they were busy saving my life) the experience shifted. When I tapped on just the experiences, nothing happened. Tapping was a threat to my survival at some level.

GC COMMENT: Here is a perfect example of getting underneath an apparently stubborn problem. By experimenting with the wording and aiming EFT at more fundamental issues, you were able to obtain relief that was otherwise out of your reach.

STEPHANIE CONTINUES: Acknowledging the unwanted experience as important and needed has been my key for change. This might be behind tapping failure? Saying, "I need this (unwanted) experience." seems to unlock the unconscious source of the experience so balance can be restored at a deep level. It's working for me.

Thought you might be interested in playing with this.


by David Peppiatt

Hi Gary,

For some four hours (3 sessions) I've been skating around the rink with a young woman who 'was' as a child, a member of the Plymouth Bretheren. It transpires her father sexually molested her when she was eight, through 11 years then went to the church elders and spat the dummy. Their response was, "You're ex-communicated, bud."

Anyway, my client and I have been skirting around issues, never getting any of the obvious below fours. Today I decided to take a chance and I had her repeat a set-up which stated, "Although my God has betrayed me....etc, etc, etc." We then went to, "Although God has abandoned me...etc, etc, etc." Within fifteen minutes of using these two set-ups plus a full cycle, all eight of her most trenchant agonies had gone from fours to zeros. Then we dealt with the apparent betrayal of her God by her. "Although I aplogise to God for believing he has abandoned and betrayed me....etc, etc, etc,"

The effect was near-miraculous. In fact I have yet to witness such an intense transformation in any other client. However, I can see some serious down-sides (church reactions). to this approach and thus I'm asking for your guidance here.

GC COMMENT: I think working one on one with God issues is very healthy and I like your method.

DAVID CONTINUES: Anyway, here it is, Wednesday night, and there are eight more very happy people floating around Auckland, relieved of their miseries.


David Peppiatt

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