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EFT relieves fungal toe nails and athletes foot after 30 minute session

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here is yet another case to bring to the attention of your physician. A little tapping, including some insightful detection of important core issues, and a several years long problem disappears. No drugs or any other medical intervention.

Hugs, Gary

By Ruth Lembo

Dear Gary ,

My husband has suffered with fungal nails and athletes foot for the past few years. He had seen a doctor several times and been prescribed medication, which had eased the symptoms only temporarily.

The athletes foot would regularly flare up causing severe itching, and the fungal nails were so yellow and unsightly that he was too embarrassed to be seen in open toed sandals in the summer.

He also suffers from other various minor skin problems, including warts on his hands. My belief was these problems originate from the emotional effects of the racial abuse he suffered as a child, teenager and young adult. Because of this abuse he has a strong belief that his skin is too dark and he dislikes his appearance a lot of the time. (he is Italian )

As we started the EFT, tapping on ‘Even though I have these fungal nails and athletes foot I deeply and completely accept myself ‘ he quickly became aware of a very strong ’pins and needles’ sensation in his right foot, which he rated a 9. We then tapped on the feeling ‘Even though I have this pins and needles feeling etc’ and we watched in amazement as they literally jumped from foot to foot, from toe to toe, with each round of tapping, remaining at an 8-9 intensity.

He then began to move his feet around, complaining that they felt itchy and unbearable and that he felt as if he ‘had the willies’ and he’ felt ‘squirmy’ and wanted to run away.’

He then said ‘This feels like when my father used to cut my hair!’ (he had experienced the same feelings when having his hair cut as an adult, but never made the connection to that childhood experience before).

I asked him to explain further.

He said that when he was quite young his father would make him sit on a stool in the kitchen and he would cut his hair very short. My husband hated this happening because when he would go back to school, he would feel ‘exposed’. With longer hair he felt he could hide behind it and the other children would not notice his dark skin as much, or the fact that he was ‘different’. (He was placed into English school, not speaking the language at 4 years old and left to pick it up as he went along!)

He then had another memory of standing alone in the hall at school while the other children had their assembly (he was excluded as a Catholic) and pulling hard on his newly shorn hair, to try and make it grow.

While we tapped on these memories, the pins and needles and itching subsided fairly quickly, until they had completely gone.

To both of us it seemed logical that as a child, forced to sit still on the stool while this unwanted process occurred, he would have desperately wanted to run away, and this thought/energy would have traveled down to his feet, but there become literally ‘stuck’, as he could NOT escape. And hence the years of itching and irritation and manifestation of the frustrated and thwarted energies.

We ended the session there, it had taken about half an hour.

Two days later my husband was in the bath and he called me to come and see his toes.

‘Am I imagining it ?’ he asked me !

His toe nails were normal!

We were astonished, and delighted and almost rubbing our eyes in disbelief ………….

This was 6 weeks ago. He has had no athletes foot since and his nails now look better than ever.

It is wonderful to have such a tangible and irrefutable evidence of the power of EFT.

Ruth Lembo


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