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Pain Management

Athletic injuries and other things

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Sam Smith writes from Australia with several EFT experiences. The one you should probably pass by and ignore (chuckle) is the one having to do with the relief for his leg and back cramping. I mean who cares if an athlete (soccer player in this case) is incapacitated with an injury? Life goes on, eh?

On the other hand, while the rest of the world may go ho-hum at athletic injuries, the owners of professional sports teams take them quite seriously. At least that's what I hear. They pay their athletes g'zillions of greenies and don't particularly care for it when their "investments" are sitting idle on the sidelines nursing various aches and pains. It's enough to ruin a billionaire's day. Do you suppose they might appreciate someone who could speed up the healing process for even 25% of these injuries? What about 50%? Or 75%? Might they open their wallets just a bit for someone who can keep their stars on the field more often?

And what if this same person can also make material improvements in an athlete's batting average--or pitching statistics--or stolen bases--or a field goal kicker's effective distance--or pass completion percentage--or basketball free throw percentage--or blocked shots--or rebounds per game--or--or--or? I wonder how valuable that person would be?

Oh well... That's for somebody else to pursue. No sense any of us getting involved with it.

Hugs, Gary

by Sam Smith

.....I ordered the EFT Course and have been avidly studying the tapes. I've been using them with work colleagues with a variety of problems. One girl had a phobia of elevators but now happily uses the one in our building; the same girl has gone from at least a packet of cigarettes a day to maybe one or two. She feels 'settled' with this amount and I haven't pushed it further. EFT has been successful on a variety of issues and I'm learning all the time.

What I wanted to write about was firstly my own experience with EFT and cramp. I'm 44 years and have been a fanatic soccer player all my life. But these past 3 years or so I've been suffering from cramp. Mostly it would be in the legs and feet but occasionally in the lower back. It was normally as I lay in bed at night and it could really disrupt my rest as well as being quite painful. I could always feel it's onset but no matter what I did I couldn't shake it off. It could be excruciating. Until EFT that is.

I was experiencing cramp in my leg one night when my wife suggested that I try EFT. I just hadn't thought about it. Anyway it took three rounds to get it down to a one. Then another two rounds to make it disappear. I was ecstatic - but get this. That was nearly three months ago and I've only experienced cramp ONCE - last week - which required two rounds to get it to go - since the original treatment!!! And this from a guy that was SUFFERING AT LEAST 3 to 4 times per week! Brilliant!!!

Next was my five year old daughter Sian who was having nightmares and refused to sleep in her room. She was having dreams of monsters etc. and bedtime was becoming more difficult. I performed EFT in a gentle manner - soft tapping - and went through the whole basic recipe. I took my time in doing this, making it a sort of a game. Anyway off she went to bed that night after a few rounds (this was last week) and slept soundly all through the night. No reports of monsters or bad dreams. Furthermore it continues as I write. I'll keep monitoring her progress and let you know of any further developments!

Lastly I know you advocate trying EFT on anything. I agree. But does EFT have to be used where the body's energy system is disrupted by a negative emotion alone? I figure that if your tuned into a negative emotion and can tap on that and restore the balance then maybe by tuning into a positive emotion you could enhance that emotional state? I've been trying this recently but I have not detected any obvious signs that this is so. I'll keep at it however to see if there's any profound effect over time. What do you think?

GC COMMENT: I haven't had much luck installing positives with EFT, although people certainly act more positively after tapping. That's because removing the negative fears, traumas, etc. allows our more joyous nature to surface. If you want to consciously install positives, I suggest you use the principles in The Palace of Possibilities.

Peace and happiness to you,

Sam Smith

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