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Pain Management

Using EFT immediately following an accident--The big wounds

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

George Jelinek from the UK had a serious accident that left him with profuse bleeding. Note how he addressed emotional issues with EFT as well as the bleeding itself. Astonishingly, the bleeding stopped and he was able to go home without a visit to the hospital. A physician witnessed this EFT "miracle" but couldn't accept the evidence before his eyes. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By George Jelinek

I want to tell you what happened to me when I had my accident about 3 weeks ago and used EFT to help myself while still prostrate.  Some fellow EFT students said I should let you know because they said it was a miracle, but for me the real miracle is EFT and it has changed my life forever. The power of EFT is just awesome.

I was involved in an accident and just lay there bleeding profusely and in intense pain with what I later discovered were several big gashes in my legs. After realising  what must have happened and where I was, lying flat on my back on the ground with people all around me, (I am 73 and everyone thought I was a "gonner", as they say in the UK),  I just lay there, started to tap and was determined that this time EFT could help me with this too. I asked to be left alone for a while. I did not want an ambulance or to go to the Accident and Emergency Unit at the local hospital unless I absolutely had to, because in the UK they can be very distressing places.

I was feeling furious with the situation but intent not to have to go to the hospital unless I had to. What I tapped on is not very polite, but I will tell it as it was.... I needed to get rid of my fury, tapping on my Karate chop point.

"Even though this stupid baxxard has caused me these bloody injuries, and they hurt like hell, nevertheless I deeply and completely accept myself and forgive him for his clumsiness".

I repeated this six times. Then tapped round the meridians in the quick method, tapping "stupid baxxard", "selfish beast", "pure carelessness", "he didn't intend it and has said sorry", "I forgive him his clumsiness", it hurts so much", "but I can cope with this pain", "now it feels better already".

I kept on tapping the meridians nonstop for about six rounds too. I intended the message to stick deeply in my awareness and concentrated my attention as completely as possible within the disruptive situation. People could not understand what I was doing and why I wanted to remain undisturbed. I was no longer angry, even though the wounds still hurt, but now they bled much less. After this my mood became much more optimistic. Now I knew I was winning with EFT and also knew that it could not be an arterial tear, just a normal wound, because otherwise the blood could not have stopped flowing. So I tapped on the karate chop point for another six rounds saying:

"Even though I am still bleeding, it is much less and not an arterial injury, so my bleeding must now stop and my wounds must now clot and close up immediately and my body must now start the healing process immediately."

I said it slowly, with as much intention as I could muster, because I completely believe in the power of EFT and trust in the method completely, because it has worked for me so fantastically before, so there was no doubt in my mind it would work now also. It did so most wonderfully yet again.

Six rounds of tapping the meridians continuously saying .... "Not an arterial tear", "Close up now", "Stop bleeding", "I don't need the the pain anymore", "Close up", "Stop the bleeding now", "Start healing now",  "I am alright". Then a big breath.

Then I explored myself whether I had broken anything. I was able to move the various joints. Just the impact point of the fall on my bottom which had taken the brunt of the accident was still hurting when I moved, but I now asked for help to get up. 

A doctor who had watched me doing EFT on myself could not accept the evidence of his own eyes. I asked him to look it up on his computer, but his attitude was one of complete denial.... His loss!  It was too far out for him. There was the blood on the floor, there were my blood-soaked trousers, there were the huge wounds all closed up with a big crusty scab which was very tender but obvious healing. I had no cleaning facilities so I just wanted to get home.

My wife had gone to buy some huge surgical plasters, sterile bandages, acriflex cream, sterile water and other things for later, but after drinking some sweet tea against after-shock, I just asked to take the bus home and slowly walked to the stop which was very close by.  

There were other affirmations I recall using during the bus trip and afterwards, because I was still tapping away all the time....

"Even though I have had this accident and still feel hurt and a bit groggy, nevertheless I am feeling OK and know I will get home"

"Even though this bus is vibrating I know this is good for my injuries and I love myself for coping so well."

"Even though my body has been injured it will heal rapidly and perfectly because health is my natural state."

"Even though the people in the bus are looking at me strangely and moving away from me, I know EFT works and I am going to be alright."

By this time I was feeling remarkably better ,started laughing and used the thymus thump to gain more energy, because I was feeling rather tired. People thought I was nuts but I just did not care. I was so happy that all had gone so fantastically after the initial disaster. 

Without EFT I would have had to go to the hospital. After 3 weeks I am still 100% OK and there is no pain, I can walk perfectly, the scabs have gone and the scars are almost invisible. All the affirmations have been fulfilled.

Yours most gratefully,

George Jelinek

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