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EFT Relieves Ankle and Neck Injuries--Before and After Thermal Scans Tell the Story

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Gratitude to Cindy Shannon-Lee for her creative approach to addressing recent ankle and neck injuries. Of high interest here are the included "before and after" thermal scans done by her chiropractor.

Hugs, Gary

By Cindy Shannon-Lee

I am just an individual who purchased your videos and have had GREAT success!

I wanted to tell you about one of my experiences with EFT. I only got your videos in mid-December. I was having a great time with success with almost any trivial pain, (headaches, etc...) At the time, I had no serious pain issues.

However, on December 26th, I got my opportunity when I did something stupid while trying to hang up a sign on my deck. I turned my ankle and heard a loud pop and felt myself falling sideways to the right. I was quick enough to catch myself before I hit the ground and right myself. However, at the point I changed my direction in the fall, I heard another loud pop, this time in my neck.

Once I righted myself, I hobbled into the house and put ice on my ankle and my neck and started tapping on both. I am a novice and really didn't think I would be able to overcome the pain that I knew was imminent. However, it was the day after Christmas and I also knew my chiropractor was out of town until January 9th, so I WAS motivated!

My set-up statement was simple "Even though I have this pain in my ankle..." and "Even though I have this pain in my neck...". I probably did 4 basic recipes. Strangely enough, I got distracted with fixing a meal immediately after tapping and didn't notice until later that I truly had no pain. AHA!

It was so amazing that I completely forgot about it until January 1st when I went hiking with some friends! I then noticed that my ankle and my neck were complaining some. That is when I remembered the accident! So I tapped some more and was again successful. However, it came back every couple of days until I had an appointment with my chiropractor on January 10th.

I told him about my accident and tapping and he was intrigued. He has some great equipment and we decided to do an experiment. He did a thermal scan on my back at 11:20 AM. It showed clearly that I had some major aggravation on the right side of my spine.

(See the 1st circled scan. Red indicates severe, blue moderate and green was mild. The length of the lines also indicates severity.) You can clearly see that there were 5 long red lines, 3 blue lines, and 2 green lines.

I immediately performed EFT again, but I misunderstood what he said that the scan meant. I thought it meant that my muscles were pulling hard to the right. My set up went something like "Even though my muscles are pulling hard to the right...". I did one full basic recipe of EFT. Surprisingly, the 2nd scan five minutes later was much improved (even though my language had been all wrong). You can see that there were only 3 shorter red lines, 2 blue lines and 5 green lines.

By the way, my chiropractor told me that you never see a change in these scans in less than 6 hours, so we were both very surprised with the results 5 minutes of tapping made. This was truly impressive.

I think the next scan, which was done 2 days later was even more impressive. Before I left my chiropractor's office, I asked him for some specific language about what the chart meant and wrote it all down. I told him that I was going to work on it with EFT and see what happened. The 3rd circled scan was the result, and even though I DID get an adjustment, I have to tell you that I know that the incredible change was caused by the EFT. Let me tell you why I know that to be true.

This is what happened the next morning. I had just learned the "choices" method from Patricia Carrington on your video. I have to say that I would not do this again today because it scared me silly! I chose the setup statement "Even though my autonomous nervous system is unbalanced, I choose for it to completely balance itself now in my spine".

I tapped the entire basic recipe while looking at the 1st two scans. When I finished, I was standing up. I immediately realized that I needed to sit down. I was a bit dizzy and tired and felt a huge energy movement (my first). I sat at the table for a minute, slumping in my chair and decided that I needed to go lie down. Once I got into bed I turned on my electric blanket because I was cold. At this point, I got scared. I decided that maybe I should not be telling my autonomous nervous system what to do with itself!

I started tapping with statements that it should only do what was safe and in my best interest at that moment. I stayed in bed for 2 hours and felt exhausted. When I did get up, I was tired for at least 48 hours. Whatever my system had done, it had taken a massive amount of energy and I wasn't really sure that it was a good thing.

The next morning (January 12th), I called my chiropractor and made another appointment for 3:30. The 3rd scan was the result and you can see what my chiropractor thought of my progress! A++!

With only 1 short red line, 1 blue line and 2 very short green lines, it was almost perfect, and I might add, very unusual for such a short period of time. You may also notice that the 1st scan on this page was from November 22nd. This was a pattern that was fairly normal for me, but I had really intensified it with the fall. The fact that the 3rd scan was nearly perfect really points to EFT as being the driver in this change. My ankle, neck and back have never felt better!

Like I said, I don't think I would go for the autonomous nervous system again because it scared me silly! I do wonder, though, if anyone else has experienced anything like this. What might have happened if I had not interceded with the "safety" choices? I have to admit that I have a much deeper respect for EFT AND my autonomous nervous system at this point! It took me a few days to be brave enough to even try EFT again, but I am using it every day now.

GC COMMENT: Although I understand Cindy's concerns here, in over a decade of doing these procedures I have never experienced or heard of someone's autonomic nervous system actually having a problem, even when aiming at it with EFT. While I am not a physician and thus cannot accurately discern what really happened, I can say that her energy surge and tired reaction is a typical consequence of normal healing. It occurs from time to time with EFT. Obviously, when anything concerns you healthwise, a qualified physician should be consulted.

CINDY CONTINUES: By the way, I have had some great successes with Carol Look's abundance information, AND I have done the Personal Peace Procedure with great results also, but I will hold them both for another story...

Thank you, Gary, for your great videos! Even a newbie can have GREAT success! I am sharing them with anyone who will listen to me!



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