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Other Physical Issues

Vision Issues

A new EFT Frontier--Improving Vision

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

By Gary Craig

Hi Everyone,

Vision problems are very widespread and a high percentage of adults wish for better eyesight. For example, in a previous Florida workshop I asked the audience of 130 people how many had a "vision issue". Over 100 hands went up.

How's that for a sizable market?

This represents not only a major use for EFT but it also has the potential to spawn a whole new industry. I'll explain that new industry thing later on in this message.

But first.....I was privileged to spend an afternoon recently with Dr. Larry Jebrock (an optometrist in Novato, CA) and 4 of his patients. Our purpose, of course, was to explore uses of EFT for vision improvement. Dr. Jebrock applied vision tests both before and after our session and these tests showed 15% to 30% improvement for all 4 patients.

Dr. Jebrock has, for many years, witnessed the numerous ways by which emotions show up as impaired vision. This should come as no surprise to experienced EFT'ers, however, as we have repeatedly seen physical symptoms subside as emotional issues are relieved. Thus, we can easily appreciate how emotions might influence the shape of our eyeballs and our lenses as well as influence the many delicate muscles and nerves that are essential for proper vision. Dr. Jebrock has found this link to be striking and applies EFT to his patients with improved vision being a frequent result.

While it would certainly be useful for an EFT "vision specialist" to study the anatomy of the eye (I highly recommend doing so), I think much can be accomplished before this knowledge is achieved. I know nearly nothing about vision, for example, but was able to assist in material improvements for Dr. Jebrock's 4 patients BY DOING NOTHING MORE THAN APPLYING EFT TO THEIR UNRESOLVED EMOTIONAL ISSUES. At no time did I apply EFT to a vision oriented issue such as....

Even though I need glasses to read....

Even though my left eye is nearsighted....

Even though glaucoma has narrowed my peripheral vision....

Even though my eyes always seem fatigued....

Instead, I asked questions like....

What does your impaired vision remind you of?

If you could live life over again what person or event would you prefer to skip?

If there was an emotional reason behind your vision impairment, what would it be?

These, as you know, are my bread and butter "get to the real issue" questions. So....our afternoon was spent on relieving emotional issues such as....

1. Not having a real childhood (parents required one lady to be an adult and take care of her younger siblings).

2. One lady had an unloving mother that told her (at age 15) that she was adopted and then proceeded to boot her out of the house. This patient also grew up in Germany during World War II with the usual insecurities one would expect within that environment. Her mother also considered her daughter's need to wear glasses at an early age a sign of being defective and reacted with intense negativity about it.

3. A third lady had difficulty "letting go" in life. She enjoyed dancing but was unable to "be the dance". Instead, she performed in a rather mechanical way giving attention to her feet, hands, arms, the audience, her teacher, etc.

I reduced these issues down to the specific events underlying them and EFT'ed each of those specific events until they were neutralized. This is nothing unusual. It is standard EFT. To augment the process I used our Borrowing Benefits procedure and thus had everyone tap along with whatever individual I was working with at the time (I worked with each of them individually in front of the group).

An afternoon, as it turns out, was too short. People have many issues and these issues often daisy chain from one issue to another to another to another.....

One patient, for example, felt that we had gotten to the "edge of something big" but, unfortunately, time had run out. She left in good spirits awaiting a future EFT opportunity.

What is important here is that (1) vision problems are often linked to underlying emotions and (2) EFT'ing the meddlesome emotions can bring about impressive improvement in one's eyesight. You may not see too many "one minute wonders" in this area but, with persistence and skill, there is a high likelihood that you can improve vision with EFT and, in some cases, eliminate vision problems entirely.

There is a major opportunity here for those EFT'ers that might like to specialize in vision improvement. I think it is large enough to create a new industry. Here are my thoughts....

1. Optometrists are not given much training in the emotional side of vision improvement EVEN THOUGH EMOTIONAL ISSUES ARE A MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR TO IMPAIRED VISION. This, to me, is a big hole in the proper treatment of vision. Optometrists, generally speaking, are trained to measure vision capacity and diagnose NON-EMOTIONAL solutions to vision improvement (e.g. glasses and contact lenses).

2. Thus a skilled EFT'er could contact optometrists, display the value of EFT for vision and ask for referrals to AUGMENT THE WORK OF THE OPTOMETRIST. Properly done, you will not be competing with the optometrist....AND...the optometrist will welcome the additional benefit for his/her patients.

3. If you were successful in bringing 3 or 4 optometrists on board, you would likely have more referrals than you can handle.

4. However, this is not a likely place for EFT newbies. The emotional issues underlying impaired vision tend to be widespread (global) and, in most cases, require an experienced EFT'er to dig them up.

Hugs, Gary


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