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Back Pain Relief

Doubting client gets pain relief after intuitive EFT session

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Perhaps you have experienced one or more of those clients who just can't quite give EFT credit for their healing results. Shelley Hawkins-Clark had just such a client for whom, despite limited time availability, she delivered some important back pain relief. Along the way an important use of Shelley's intuition was employed.

By Shelley Hawkins-Clark

One of my current clients is a massage therapist that I'm working with on an exchange basis. She is open to and somewhat familiar with energy work, yet interestingly, as we make progress with EFT, her comments are, "I don't know if this will work on..." or "I don't know if it was this work, but I just see it differently, now."

In our most recent session, she shared several things that were going on in her life and I asked her to pick the issue or area she thought was priority. We started on one subject, but the conversation quickly turned to pain that she has been developing in her right arm and pain all down the right side of her back, from her "occiput to her tailbone." I asked her about how long she had the pain on her right side and she said, "about two weeks." She attributed all of the pain to the nature of her work as a massage therapist and depending so much on her right side. She did not, however, want to work on the pain since she was planning to go to an osteopath and didn't think the EFT would "work" for that.

Going on intuition, I asked her if she was familiar with the concept that the left side of the body represents the feminine and the right side represents the masculine and asked her if she felt she had any imbalance in the masculine part of herself. She thought very briefly and said, "yes!," going on to describe an argument she'd had with her husband about two weeks ago.

In our limited amount of time, we tapped all over the aspects of the argument all of which were from a 6 to a 9; "this dumb argument" (her words), "Even though "Mark" was defensive...", "Even though I didn't feel heard...", "Even though I'm frustrated with myself for reacting that way...", Even though I felt misunderstood..." and so on. All during our session, she was moving and shifting trying to find a comfortable position due to the pain in her back.

As the session ended, we tapped in many affirming and forgiveness phrases (both for herself and her husband) to help shift her perspective. By the end, all aspects were down to a zero and she spoke about the argument with a completely different perspective; understanding why her husband reacted the way he did and realizing new aspects of the larger issue that needed to be addressed (those so-called "dumb" arguments are never really about the immediate subject at hand, but a teaser coaxing us to heal the larger issues); she was more relaxed and her smile was coming back.

We scheduled our next appointment and just as I was leaving she said, "Oh, by the way, the pain in my back is only from the middle of my back, now, to my neck. The pain below that is gone." "Excellent," I said and walked away smiling.

Shelley Hawkins-Clark

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