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Fears And Phobias


She applied EFT to herself for agoraphobia

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

EFT newcomer Angi Andrews from Germany reports on her self-application of EFT for her long standing agoraphobia. Please note how additional benefits occurred as a result of using EFT for this issue.


by Angi Andrews

Hi Gary,

Just to tell you about the big help EFT has given me for my agoraphobia. Excuse my English, please, it's not my mother tongue, and also I'm so excited about this topic that I find it hard to concentrate...

I heard about your method about 9 months ago, but it was only recently that I thought, I'd like to really learn it to overcome my suffering from agoraphobia (for 24 years). So I decided to order "The EFT Course" and "The Palace of Possibilities" from you.

They arrived in November, and from then on I often studied 1 hour a day, but by no means every day because I had many other things to do, and also we were on holidays over Christmas, where I didn't take my courses along. I started with "The Palace of Possibilities", because I already knew a bit about EFT and wanted to bring myself in the right optimistic mood by doing that course first (it just interested me more at the moment). I had planned not to start on my own problem before I had finished both courses (I must admit I was a bit afraid, I might get disappointed by the outcome).

But then an agoraphobic situation arose, where I was supposed to be with my 13-year-old daughter in a shopping mall to get her ears pierced, and my husband was supposed to be in a different shop. I was very much afraid of it, because even though I can reach my husband via mobile phone, I usually have the feeling I can't wait a second longer for him to arrive and help me, when I feel a panic coming on. The mere idea that he isn't with me is usually enough to get me into a panic, especially when I'm not in my house or very near it, or very near our car.

So on the evening before the day, where the situation was to take place, I went into our basement (to be undisturbed) and started tapping... And, Gary, it helped me so much that I had started with The Palace of Possibilities, because I remembered all your associations and intuition and going from one memory to the other. And I also discovered a set of other issues that I hadn't really thought of before, like feeling alone, helpless, not knowing, what to do next... And I felt much better, and the next day (this morning) in the shopping mall it went fine!

I hadn't known, what sort of feeling I'd have, because I only know this very nervous feeling. But I felt self-centered in a positive way, and composed, and as if all my energies were safely within me, and didn't want to tear me in all sorts of directions. As a result my anticipatory fear of several situations is gone (there are some shops, where I can go now only with my daughter).

Also some other unexpected healings happened: for several weeks now, I've got a pain in my neck and one shoulder or back, and I thought, perhaps, because I had weaned myself off a good bit of my antidepressants. Because of this pain I'd been wondering whether I would have to go back on them! Also my slight depression seems to have gone!

I know that I still have to work further on myself to continue to get better, and probably new issues will keep coming up for a while... But I'm very optimistic, and I hadn't really believed in a cure for myself for about 10 years or so, although I've kept seeing therapists.

I'm sooo glad for this method that you founded!! It's so great, and I would like to become a therapist myself one day. And I really appreciate that you allow the people who got your videos to make 100 free copies for friends. And I already copied and gave them to two people.

I also enjoy your interesting EFT newsletters very much.

Thank you so very much for EFT!! And I find your workshops fascinating and enjoy watching them on video and learning from them!

Best wishes and hugs,

Angi Andrews (from Munich, Germany)


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