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#13: Katie Gallagher's Revelation

Hi Everyone,

Many people have had the kind of Spiritual Experience that I experienced in 1988.  This one by Katie Gallagher gives evidence that this other state is far more exquisite than the one we experience in our everyday lives.  This points to the healing state that we hope to approach with Optimal EFT.

e-hugs, Gary

by Katie Gallagher

My experience happened after my closest sister died and I started a spiritual journey about life and death. I first noticed how wonderful I felt - FILLED WITH LOVE, and I was floating. My movements were not my own now but that of my body's or personality, and I felt dragged to places that I had no intention of going.

I felt exactly like you said - I was just in THE NOW. When I was interacting with people (my personality talking to other people and interacting in the world), I was actually silently conversing with other people's Higher Power.

It shocked me that no one seemed to notice that my body wasn't ME and I also realized it didn't matter. The world around me was somewhat blurry- I could see the ENERGY field of everything breathing (inanimate objects as well as nature).

Once when I looked into a homeless man's eyes, I saw Jesus looking back, or whatever my concept of HIM was. My guess is this lasted a couple of months and I was quite depressed when it started to slip away. I now realize what a GIFT this extraordinary experience was and am extremely THANKFUL for it!