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Spiritual Experiences

#19: Diane Roy's three spiritual experiences.

Hi Everyone,

Gratitude to Diane Roy for sharing her experiences.  Note that English is not her first language.  However, I left her comments unedited because her phraseology is part of her article's charm.

e-hugs, Gary

Hi Mr Gary,

I think it is really important when you talk of Blissful Moment or Unconditional Love because it is the essence of Oneness.

Since you talk often about it , thanks you opened my eyes and memories to recognize that I had 3 of those.

1-As I was reading a lot and practice daily meditation, i was just stepping down stairs in my house and bang! I was in a second state, a feeling hard to describe, everything change, vision, sounds, like everything around me isn't the same and a loving state of purity.....etc.

2- this one is more spectacular, as I was lying on massage table receiving a reflexology session, I shift quickly on Blissful state, and I was suddenly Joan of Arc lying on stake (woods for burning) hands tied, I can feel woods, count them, 5 big logs, feel my hands tied, but there was no fears to be burn at all I was in Unconditional love state, ropes untied and I went down in a man arms and wasn't burns and stay alive and blissfull.

After I shifted a nice women , long black hair lifting her newborn in the sunlight to present to the divine.

3- I was giving a healing session to someone else and looking at the person lying on my table I shifted in that state for a small moment.

So thank's for bringing back often you helped me and i think take note of any special experience help also to read back later and also very good idea to view again again videos to help to have the essence of how we should be to open possibilities.......

All my love and thank's for bringing all these discussions, exchanges, knowledge and so many more! And yes I´m reading ACIM.

Diane Roy