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Karen's vanishing wasp sting

Hi Gary,

I woke up a wasp at night who had crawled into my sleeping bag.  I got stung into my upper left chest and got the usual stinging that comes with it.  I then asked God, the angels and The Unseen Therapist to heal this fast.  

I felt a white light on the sting for about five minutes and the stinging stopped.  I got up to look for the bite site to see if there still was her quill in my chest but I could not find anything.  

There was no red spot. There also was no swelling.  I went back to sleep and checked the bite in the morning. There is nothing. No red mark, no swelling, nothing.  It is as if the sting had not happened.  This is great.  I never had a wasp sting heal that fast.


Karen Stock 


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