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"Impossible" Healings

The "Impossible" Social Phobia - Gone


Definition of impossible:

Where healing occurs beyond the typical reach of medicine and other man-made methods.

Social Phobia
Social Phobia

The Unseen Therapist often provides astonishing levels of healing that go well beyond the reach of medicine and other man-made methods (including EFT Tapping). This is the case with this example submitted by Alain von der Weid, one of my Directors of The Gary Craig Official Training Center in French.

Alain's client, Francois, had received impressive benefits for his social phobia through earlier sessions with EFT Tapping. However, that method was not deep enough and, after two months, it came back. Alain then used Optimal EFT and called upon The Unseen Therapist for deeper results. As is often the case, The Unseen Therapist saved days or weeks of detective work by pointing out "in the womb" causes that occurred prior to Francois' birth. These were readily addressed with Optimal EFT and the social phobia disappeared. Spectacular! This type of assistance is simply "Impossible" with other methods.

Here is how Alain tells it. Note at the end of the session he says, "At the end of the session, he said he could feel deep within himself a profound sense of peace and of love gently settling in, particularly in his chest area and in his heart. We could both feel a subtle but perceptible presence around us, a gentle and loving energy."


François, contacted me some time ago because he wanted EFT Tapping sessions. He was 52 and suffered from a social phobia. He explained that contact with people causes him an extreme state of stress, to the point where he had to leave after a few minutes to "run away from their presence." It was getting worse and of course was affecting his professional life. He was feeling powerless and pretty desperate.

We worked together on his issue, and after a few sessions of EFT, Francois had gradually regained confidence, enough to start connecting again to people. He then decided to continue doing EFT on his own.

Two months later he called me urgently, said his phobia was back...

We did a Skype session and this time I introduced him to Optimal EFT (The Unseen Therapist), "a new EFT procedure without tapping." He was a bit surprised, but not reluctant; he said he trusted me…

After a few rounds of Optimal EFT, Francois started to feel peace and love settling in him. I explained to him that by increasing his connection to Oneness and unconditional love, he facilitates the connection to the Unseen Therapist, and that Her knowledge and wisdom is far greater than our human understanding to solve our issues.

We started by doing Optimal EFT on two events from his childhood. While we were doing Optimal EFT on a third event, The Unseen Therapist brought up a specific event for François when he was in his mother's womb 3 months before his birth. He felt this overwhelming panic and fear in his mother's womb, which instantly overwhelmed his own chest and heart with panic.

ImpossibleThis fear had been triggered by a violent dispute between his mother and father. The overwhelming feeling was so strong for François... so unbearable... that he saw himself coming out of his baby's body, and floating in the room. No wonder the previous EFT Tapping fell short. It didn't address the major contributing issue. Herein lies the beauty and power of The Unseen Therapist. She can take you where other methods cannot.

We did a series of Optimal EFT on this scene. In only a few minutes, François felt a complete relief. This panic and fear, which had been his lifelong companion, were completely gone.

At the end of the session, he said he could feel deep within himself a profound sense of peace and of love gently settling in, particularly in his chest area and in his heart.
We could both feel a subtle but perceptible presence around us, a gentle and loving energy.

About a month later, he called to tell me he had been at a concert and also to the theater, and that he enjoyed it throughout... He had been free of his social phobia since our session.

Alain von der Weid


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