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25 years of Acid Reflux vanishes

Hi Everyone,

Barbara Maybury shares this inspiring story. Should be of great benefit for Acid Reflux sufferers.



Hi Gary,

I would like to let you know about a big success using Optimal EFT on a long standing issue.

I have had Acid Reflux problems for about 25 years. Various medications were prescribed over the years and they actually made things worse so it had to be controlled by diet and milder remedies. It was very restricting. 

 The pain and problems became extreme again this spring. I used Optimal EFT alone and also with 2 other women as a small group. As a result, symptoms shifted and then... vanished.

This all happened a couple of days before I was scheduled for a gastroscopy but I went ahead with the procedure anyway.. The results were perfectly normal which was a surprise to both me and my doctors..

It is now two months later and I am still symptom free and beginning to eat foods I have been avoiding for years. It feels like a miracle!!

Regards, Barbara