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Another Letter From Andre On His Extraordinary Unseen Therapist Results

"Knee and back pain: I don't have them anymore."

Intro from Gary:

As you may recall, Andre has developed a very long list of impressive healings from the Unseen Therapist. These include: Anxiety, Agoraphobia and Panic Attacks (still some remnants to do on the foregoing, but largely gone) as well as OCD, Heat Urticaria and a Rotator Cuff injury. Below is his latest list...


Hi Gary,

There continue to be issues that I "forget to remember" and new ones that I have to report:

Knee and back pain:

I don’t have them anymore. I just thought it was all related to age and weight and like everyone else in their fifties, things start to deteriorate and slow down. I was going up the stairs yesterday and got a little reminder when I made a misstep and felt a minor twist in my knee. That’s when I realized that I can’t remember when my knees bothered me at all. Maybe four of five months ago when it was pretty much daily.

The back pain (or sometimes just discomfort) is just something that I’ve always had. I’ve had a chiropractor since I was twenty, sometimes once a week, sometimes three or four times a year depending on necessity. I think my last adjustment was in August (5 months ago) and I don’t anticipate having to go back because any pain or even just the chronic dull ache is just not there anymore. These are issues we’ve never addressed and now we don’t need to because they’re gone.


I was looking for something in my bedside table last week and noticed my bottle of melatonin. I don’t remember when I started taking it every night, but I forgot about it shortly after we started working together. Now, I get into bed and within five minutes I’m asleep and it’s solid sound sleep from 12.45am to 7.00am every day. AND I have always been a restless sleeper. Now when I wake up I’m in the same position that I was when I went to sleep and my duvet is completely intact . . . and not on the floor at the end of the bed and it has been for most of my life, just from tossing and turning and kicking it off through the night. Another issue we’ve never addressed and it’s gone.


I have never lacked initiative. I have always been a great starter, but never a great finisher (there’s a long story about how I left high school after 11th grade because I was impatient and talked my way into university at age 17 and didn’t finish that for another ten years because I got distracted by a consulting firm that hired me after university third year). But I digress, I have fought weight pretty much my entire adult life. I was always slim until my twenties and, of course, my mother’s perfectly pressed and starched children who weren’t allowed to cry were also forbidden to be fat.

When she passed away almost twenty years ago, my sister and I hit the fridge and didn’t look back. Finally we could eat and there would be no repercussions.

After my liver transplant last year, I left the hospital at 185 pounds (about seventy pounds lighter than when I went in) and spent several months recovering and eating, and there were no going out because of pandemic lockdown (and I couldn’t risk infection) so no exercise, and by the time we (you and the Unseen Therapist) started working together in July, I was 211 pounds and feeling awful about my appearance. AND what started my liver problems in the first place was not just bad genes and alcohol, it was fatty liver disease by being so overweight and getting there so quickly. I wasn’t going to lose this replacement, after-market part to weight, so it was critical that it came off.

I had seen a weight loss app advertised several times and was desperate so I tried it starting July 28. Today I jumped on the scale—as I do every morning—and it read one hundred and seventy pounds. Forty-one pounds gone in a little over five months. I have never been so vigilant about a program of any kind in my life—not even education. The motivation was there, but the “sticktoitiveness” never has been. I can only attribute this newfound ability to stay focussed and on track to the Unseen Therapist. There simply isn’t another explanation because I never have been ever in my life—not to this extent or with this much success.


I addressed this in a previous update but it has further improved. My vertigo from postural hypotension was something that had lessened in severity and no longer caused anxiety when I wrote about it last month. Well, now it almost never comes at all. I jumped up too quickly a few weeks ago and it came for maybe three second and vanished. It used to be daily and multiple times. How remarkable is that?


For years I just seemed to be someone who bruised easily. I’d just notice a new bruise in the mirror and have no idea where it came from and assumed I just banged myself on something but I don’t remember a time that there wasn’t always at least one somewhere on my body and some were really severe (big and black, blue and purple). It just doesn’t happen anymore. I accidentally banged my hip on the edge of my desk on the weekend. Not a mark. No bruise, not even any redness.

Best, Andre


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