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Skin Burns Vanish In Mere Hours

"He describes this (with photos) in his letter below."

Intro from Gary:

Jagjeet Singh Ahluwalia burned his hand on the stove and then brought in The Unseen Therapist as first aid. The result was a rapid healing of the burns (a few hours) compared to the week or two that might normally be required. He describes all this (with photos) in his letter below.

From Jagjeet:

Hello Gary,

Wanted to share a healing which seems nothing short of a miracle and it just helps to reinforce the faith in the process of surrender and healing. I have given 3 pictures below. I placed my hand on the stove by mistake last Sunday and it got badly burnt.

Pic 1 is my hand after initial first aid application of ice and some ointment etc. It was painful, burning and with restricted mobility.

Pic 2 is after I just sat down for 30 - 40 min with eyes closed and just requesting healing to the source, unseen therapist, divine whatever we might want to call it. As we see the healing of the burnt patches had taken place, the pain and burning had reduced and it was mobile. I also realized my beliefs around "Such a healing is impossible, nothing can heal so fast, this has to take days to heal, instant spontaneous healing is not possible etc." were also getting healed. After the initial 30 min at one point I realized I was not able to bend my fingers on the joints and the movement was painful, I closed my eyes and just felt golden light on the inner joints of fingers and after a couple of minutes the pain was gone and I was able to fold fingers , close and open my hand.

Pic 3 is the hand the same evening after a few hours , the hand had 90% mobility and mostly the pain had left.

The next day the hand was fully functional and it has been great since. I just have some dry skin around the areas that we see the burns on in Pic 1

Love and Light, Jagjeet

Pic 1 (below) - Here you can see the blisters

Pic 2 (below) - 30 or 40 minutes later

Pic 3 (below) - A few hours later


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