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Multiple Benefits From EFT and OEFT Over The Years

"These are some of the more spectacular ones, starting 15 years ago."

Jan Evans, one of our OEFT Course Members, has been an EFT'er for many years and lists below some highlights of her many impressive results. Some were done via EFT Tapping (before The Unseen Therapist became available) and others were done via The Unseen Therapist. All could have been accomplished by The Unseen Therapist.


HI Gary,

For some time I have thought about sending you some of my success stories; I have finally gotten around to it.

These are some of the more spectacular ones, starting 15 years ago:

  • When i first learned EFT the instructor said try it on everything. I had been cutting my hedge (80 yards long) with shears and my shoulder ached. I stood in the garden and thought ‘well, he said try it on everything’ so I did. The pain disappeared. This early example seemed to help others try EFT too.
  • I did 15 mins with the mum of one of my pupils. She did not believe in any energy stuff. She was frustrated that her husband couldn’t get a job and she didn’t know what to do with her life. I can’t remember the details now, but I said ‘I know something that might help’ and we spent 15 mins just tapping on ‘I don’t know what to do’ or something like it. After a couple of rounds, as far as I remember, she jumped up and said ‘that’s it! I’m going to make cakes, take my children out of school to home ed and show my husband how to do this.’

    Fast forward a year or so  . . . her husband had had offers of 3 jobs, they moved to Scotland, lived in a tent for a year or so while they found their perfect house (she’d made a list of exactly what she wanted, and got it, right down to the cat flap) and the children were home ed. Result!

  • A group of friends went to a museum and chose to visit an underground coal mine. One person was claustrophobic, yet didn’t say anything till we were down in the dark. I took her arm and just tapped for her, saying things like . . ‘I’m really scared and I’m ok’ . . and she was ok. She still remembered EFT when she returned to India some time later, and researched it further.
  • The lady in Scotland rang for help and we did surrogate EFT over the phone for her father-in-law’s foot injury. The surgeon said he had never known a healing so fast. Another success.
  • A friend had promised her boyfriend she would swim Lake Windermere. It came to a week to go and she still had not bought a wetsuit. I had 45 minutes to work with her. We managed enough for her to get the wetsuit and go. I showed her tapping points if she was still afraid or nervous. She used them, completed the swim and afterwards went on holidays with her boyfriend, diving into deep water fearlessly. 2 years later, the same lady came back for help with claustrophobia in discos and tents . . . sorted!
  • An 87 year old lady started playing the piano again after a short tapping session. I think she thought I was bonkers, but her doctor had suggested trying EFT! One of the few who know about it. He retired soon after, so no more recommendations there.
  • This man was unhappy at work. He brought with him an officious letter, making his job untenable. We did about 40 mins ordinary tapping, revealing memories of his gran dying. His eyes grew heavy so we wound up the session. I told him to ring me if he needed anything. I then went out for the evening. Later on that evening, he became unwell - was sick and collapsed on the floor! They couldn’t get hold of me and left a message. As soon as I returned, I rang them - no reply! Oops.

    I don’t think they spoke to me for 2 years.

    I saw him again four years later, on a long bike ride with a barbecue after. He said ‘Jan, you know that thing you did, about the job . . “
    I thought ‘here it comes, a ticking off. . .’

    “well” he said . . “it changed my life. After that I realised what was important to me and decided not to let the job bother me and look for another. I found the perfect one now and I’m so much happier. My family are relieved and happier too, so thank you.”

    Well, what could i say. It turned out his abreaction had been because he was taking a mild ant-depressant at the time and I had failed to ask about medication.
    It just shows, that The Unseen Therapist will get through anything if necessary. I felt the EFT had bypassed the drug and gone for the cause.

    Another time I will know to warn people what they might experience. The difficulty with consulting a medic is that they may not know about EFT and perhaps might suggest not doing it. I suppose then the decision rests on the client?

  • This next one was a result of Anne Ryan helping me with resentment. I felt bewildered by the huge amount of undercurrent resentment around my family (my mum, siblings and in-laws). I made a chart with arrows everywhere, trying to find where it originated, what the percentages were and who was giving it and who was ‘getting’ it. That was a fascinating exercise.

    During our session, some family members let it go, others held on to it. The Unseen Therapist zoomed in on one member, saying “you have a choice, there is no judgment or pressure. I am there if you need help.” That all felt much better. 6 weeks later, there was a dramatic change in that person’s personal life, resulting in a major decision being taken with an ‘aha’ moment. This has since led to that person coming out of the resentment and finding a healing way through it. Remarkable.

  • Years later, the deep water lady back again, this time for fear of flying. Another one off session - she only had a week before flying alone to meet someone. She has such faith in it, leaving it so late! Unseen therapist strikes again! Another fast result. Truly remarkable.

In between I have used EFT and OEFT with others, children also, with success, but these examples were life-changing in a big way I feel.

I marvel every time I use it. Gratitude for your gift.



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