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Look Mommy

Look Mommy

Look Mommy, See the picture I drew for you!
That's nice, but-- Why did you make the treetops blue?  

Look Mommy, My spelling test, I got a B!
That's nice, but-- Why didn't you get an A for me?  

Look Mommy, See the dress I made in Home Ec.
That's nice, but-- Why is it crooked around the neck?  

Look Mommy, I earned $10.00 doing errands for Sue.
That's nice, but-- Are you sure she gave it to you?  

Look Mommy, I've got a new friend, his name is Ted.
That's nice, but-- Why didn't you go out with Peter instead?  

Look Mommy, I've got a job at the Purple Hat.
That's nice, but-- Couldn't you find something better than that?

(I'm sorry Mommy.)  

Look child, Why don't you go out and play?
I would, but-- I might goof up and ruin the game.  

Look child, Why have your grades begun falling so low?
Well, but-- I must be stupid, I don't know.  

Look child, Must you wear all that junk on your face?
No, but-- If I don't I'm afraid I'll look out of place.  

Look child, Could you get these things written on my pad?
I would, but-- I might mess up and make you mad.  

Look child, Where's all those young men you used to date?
They're around, but-- None of them have what I want in a mate.  

Look child, When are you going to earn your keep?
Soon, but-- I can't find a job good enough for me.  

(Where did we go wrong??!)  

Copyright 1992, Linda Newman

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