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Hip replacement, magic and miracles

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

by Gary Craig

Hi Everyone,

This is about using EFT for pain management. It's also about magic and miracles...and "one minute wonders"....and joy....and relief...and possibilities. It was exhilarating to watch...AND...the whole thing was caught on film.

"Karen's" right hip was the cause a significant limp, as it had degenerated to a point where it needed surgical replacement. Since she was only 57, her doctors advised her to postpone the surgery for as long as she could. Otherwise, she might outlive the new hip and would probably need to have the surgery again at a much older age.

So, her sentence was to limp down Pain Lane for as long as she could--perhaps many years--until she could no longer stand it. Then, the hip would be replaced. In the meantime, of course, pain medication was available--though only partially effective. Her pain, on a 10 point scale, ranged consistently between a 5 and 10.

As you know, I often look for emotional causes for physical ailments. I find them so regularly--even for something so obviously physical as a degenerated hip--that I sometimes wonder if they shouldn't be given a new name. Perhaps a currently unfamiliar term such as "emo-ailments" will someday take its place within medical textbooks.

However, even though Karen had an abuse ridden history (possible emotional causes for bone/cartilage degeneration), I chose to first use EFT directly on the physical pains. It just seemed like a simple place to start. Her most intense pains were "referred pains" that occurred in her knee, groin and inner leg. I started with those, using these simple Set Ups (notice the specific language--often helpful)....

"Even though I have this pain in the right side of my knee....""Even though I have this pain in my right groin.....""Even though I have this pain in my right inner leg....."and then went to her hip with...."Even though I have this pain in my right hip....."

We used the shortcut sequence and, after these 4 rounds, THE PAIN WAS COMPLETELY GONE!!! I mean completely. She got out of her chair and walked around the room with no pain whatsoever. Her joy was obvious. It was the first time in many years that she was pain free. She even did a light jog around the room and still had no pain. It was magical. It defied all medical explanations and deserved the term "miraculous." I wish I could have bottled her contagious delight and dispensed it to depressed people. It would have instantly cured them all. was sooooo simple. Therein lies the message in Karen's story. We don't always have to get intimately involved with core issues or other sophisticated means of delivery. We can often simply tap directly on the problem and then stand back and watch the magic.

Now, do you suppose Karen is cured and that her degenerated hip repaired itself in moments? Not really, although I'm always open to new astonishments. I called her three days later to discover that she had been pain free for about 20 hours after our session. After that, the pains began to reappear--although not as bad as before (about 25% improved). There is more to be done, of course. Only time and repeated applications will tell us how effective EFT will be over the long term. At the very least, however, it appears that it can aid Karen in the following ways....

1. As a means of pain management between now and the time the hip needs replacement. This could substantially postpone the surgery which, of course, would delight her doctors.

2. As a means of getting "under the surface" and resolving her many abusive traumas. Although there is no way to say for sure, I suspect this might arrest, or possibly reverse, the hip degeneration. That, of course, might lead to a cure--not to mention an entirely new way of thinking in the healing profession.

We shall see.

Hugs, Gary


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