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Jet lag--tuning your time field

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Willem Lammers, one of our esteemed colleagues from Switzerland, offers insights on jet lag--a common problem for world travelers. Please note that he uses the term "MPT's" in his message. It stands for Meridian-based PsychoTherapies and is his shorthand label for the various techniques in this field.

Cheers, Gary

by Willem Lammers

Dear Colleagues,

Jet lag is an unpleasant consequence of traveling. I regularly fly over the Atlantic and found out that MPT's are a very effective treatment for jet lag.

Jet lag is caused by a discrepancy between the circadian rhythms, the biological clock of your body and the real time zone you're in. The circadian rhythms play an important role in the release of hormones like adrenaline and melatonin, which keep you awake and let you sleep.

You feel good when your body's circadian rhythms are in tune with real time on the earth's surface, we could say that the "time fields" are "in tune".

You can measure the disturbance in the time field, the discrepancy between body time and geo-time in hours, and normally it takes a few days to adapt the body to geo-time for the place you are. You can also measure this disturbance in SUDs: You feel bad, irritated, nauseous, sleepless on a scale from 0 to 10.

MPT's are the most effective treatment for jet lag I have discovered so far. The melatonin bottles stay in the bathroom closet unused. The best way to apply the treatment is during the flight every two hours until immediately before landing.

You can use the whole EFT algorithm, BSFF or the TFT shortcuts ue, ua, c for traveling east and eb, c for traveling west. Focus on the difference between the time field of your body and the time field of the earth and find the gap between the two. A good way to find this out during the flight is by self-testing, or muscle testing (by) your traveling companion: "My inner clock is on time / ??? hours behind/ahead". Some people accurately estimate their inner clock, others don't.

You can tap for "the disturbance of the time field", or simply for "jet lag". After having read this your subconscious mind will know what is meant.

If you focus carefully on your "feeling" for the time of the day, you can literally feel your body shifting time zones during the application.

On my flight to the US it took three times three rounds of EFT to arrive in Newark, N.J. in tune. On my flight to San Francisco a week later I tuned the time field in two times two rounds.

I didn't have a trace of jet lag symptoms. Of course traveling west is much easier than traveling east, so I decided to wait with sending this post until I arrived home. I flew back to Switzerland after a week in Toronto and a week in California, so I had to overcome a nine hour lag. After arriving I had to correct for only one hour.

The first night home I was awake for an hour between 4 and 5 a.m., but for the rest there were no signs of jet lag.

Hope this helps,

Willem Lammers

Follow up message from Lynne Young


The William Lammers post on jet lag arrived just in time for me: Two days after it was posted, I had to fly to Alaska. I live in Atlanta, Georgia (5 hour time difference).

Every two hours during my flight to Alaska, I tapped on "this jet lag" and then turned my watch back an hour. Since I don't know how to muscle test myself and I was traveling alone, I just tapped three rounds every two hours. I left Atlanta around 7 PM, arrived at destination in Alaska around midnight (5 AM EDT) and went to bed. I woke up several times in the night but promptly went back to bed. Other than that I had no sleeplessness, no irritability, no tiredness, no nausea in Alaska at all. I was up that morning at 7:00 AM (Alaska time). I could "stay up" to 10 and 11 PM Alaska time without difficulty!! (In contrast, on my last trip to California, I was awake at 6 AM east coast time every morning for 3 days and could not stay awake past 9:00 PM west coast time.)

When I returned to Atlanta 4 days later I just repeated the procedure turning my watch forward. I got into Atlanta around 10 EST (5 PM Alaska time) and went promptly to bed. I was up at 6 AM EDT the next morning (and the following morning) .While, fellow east coasters who also attended the meeting took the day off to get acclimated, I reported to work the morning after my arrival in Atlanta.

One thing I found was immediately before and after the trip while I was in Atlanta, I could fairly accurately "feel the time of day". When I was in Alaska however, although I could wake up at "the right time" and sleep the "right" number of hours, my feeling about the time of day was "confused". I thought this was because the difference in latitude between Alaska and Atlanta. At this time of year, the city I visited in Alaska gets 3-4 hours more sunlight each than Atlanta. Any thoughts about tuning for hours of sunlight?

In any case, thanks for the tip.

Lynne Young


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