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Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This message is not just about warts.

As you will see below, Ed Fields, PhD applied EFT to a 2 year old wart and it vanished within 2 days. It's possible, I suppose, to greet this phenomenon with passing interest or a hmmmm or an internal voice that says "interesting." After all, what's the big deal about a wart?

Well, a wart is a growth on the outside of the body. It responds poorly to medicinal methods for removal and must usually be "burned off" by a doctor. Ed, however, did EFT for his wart and it disappeared in short order. This is yet another example in a long string of physical reliefs that is just simply not explainable by conventional wisdom. Our web site is loaded with examples of this from carpal reduced fibromyalgia Lori Laskowski's broken nose....and many more. Now we add warts.

Pardon my naivete here and my lack of medical training. I may be all wet in what I am about to say. But if Ed Fields can vanish an external wart with a simple tapping procedure then why not at least try the same procedure for "internal warts" or growths on the *inside* of the body. I'm speaking here of tumors and malignancies of various kinds--brain tumors, cancer, etc. Even if it's only effective with 1 in 10 (instead of our much higher success ratios with other ailments) then shouldn't that be added to any MD's list of healing tools? Wouldn't the reasonable and inexpensive possibility of saving someone from an unnecessary surgery or, for that matter, saving someone's life be worth the use of a few minutes of tapping?

Yes, I know. MD's might feel stupid doing it and all of our evidence to date is anecdotal. There is no proof (yet) in scientific terms. Nonetheless, the reports keep rolling in and there is scarcely an experienced EFT'er out there that hasn't witnessed stunning results like these for themselves. Fortunately, there is a growing list of MD's that are using EFT enthusiastically in their practices. Many of them are on this list. My hope is that they will spread these experiences among their colleagues so they can be applied to more of the world's population BEFORE the tedious wheels of science finally validate what is so obvious to front line practitioners.

Here is Ed's original message followed by his response to my request for more details.

Hugs, Gary

by Ed Fields


I had a small wart that would bother me off and on so two weeks ago it dawned on me to try EFT on it (duh!!). Two rounds of the short form with "even though I have this wart" set up were all that I did the first day. The following day it was noticeably smaller with no irritation. Two more rounds that day. The next day all that remained was a small skin "flake" that fell off when I touched it. Not even a blemish on the site. I was impressed. I use EFT all the time with my clients but have trouble thinking of ways to use it on myself, so this sort of personalized it for me.

Ed Fields



It is hard to say exactly as it was small and not very noticeable until it became irritated. I would say I was aware of it for at least two years. This past year more so as it enlarged. That prompted me, at last, to do something. I have had warts burned off by Docs before and didn't want to bother with that again, so..... EFT to the rescue.



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