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Two EFT success stories: pain & the opinions of others

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

We can all learn from our successes. Here are two of them brought about by a diligent EFT user.

Peace, Gary

LETTER: "The first [success story] is about a guy who came to see me for sales motivation, focus and concentration - some very good candidates for hypnosis. My thinking is that by using EFT, I can get rid of the negative blocks to success and then use hypnosis to instill positive programming. Because even in hypnosis, if there are aspects in the way, the programming will fall on a deaf subconscious (to coin a phrase).

Anyway, I showed him your short video - "EFT - What's It All About" (you'll probably be getting requests for that now!), and when I asked him what he thought, he said he was so excited! He hadn't realized that EFT was good for physical problems, and that he had had a fall from a beam while he was working construction - ten years ago - and he had been having pain in his neck since then (along with a knot at the base of his skull). Even though the pain would subside, it was always there. Sometimes it would turn into a migraine. He said that some nights he'd be in so much agony that he'd take four or five showers just to let the water run on his neck - which gave him a little relief. Then finally, completely exhausted, he'd fall into bed, only to sleep fitfully.

Well, I did the Setup, and lo - and - behold! The pain went away!!! We had done no tapping whatsoever. He was completely and utterly and happily amazed. And so was I. We went on to tap for the knot, and that too, dispersed and loosened up. So, even though he didn't get what he came in for that day, he left a believer."

GC COMMENT: Nice work! This isn't the first time I've seen dramatic results just by doing the Setup but it is fairly rare. Maybe 5 percent or less. Be sure to check out if the problem "comes back". If so, it is likely that he is storing his stress and past traumas, fears etc. in these physical locations and what "comes back" is another emotional issue (aspect) that is displaying itself through these body areas. This is often a blessing for the therapist because it provides a leverage point for healing. In many cases I keep addressing their physical symptoms (with persistence where necessary) and watch their emotional problems fade. With experience you will gain irrefutable evidence that our physical and emotional ailments are linked.

LETTER (CONTINUED): "The second story happened just yesterday. My client is a guy that has everything going for him but he's stuck - in his life. He had had an incident with a guy (again, 10 years ago), that caused him to feel that the guy thought badly of him and was angry with him. He had this intuition that if he got over this feeling, he could move on.

So we tapped. And the Setup phrase was this: "I deeply and completely accept myself, even though I think [name] thinks badly of me." Well he went from a 7 to a .5. And then we got rid of that .5 (all in one round). I then asked him to try and get it up (so to speak), again. He could not -even though I baited him mercilessly. Then I asked him if he could think of anyone who he was worried what they thought of him (an impediment to his progress), and he could not. Thank you for this Gift to Mankind."

GC COMMENT: I know I sound like a broken record on this but you have just pointed out, once again, the value of the comprehensive EFT algorithm. To my knowledge, there is no individualized algorithm for "what someone thinks of you." Yet, EFT handled it routinely.


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