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A teeny(?) and delightful success

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Gratitude to Hilary Moon for laying out the details of her "teeny and delightful success" with tapping. Basically, she misplaced a cheque and couldn't find it until she tapped for contributing issues. This may seem "teeny" to many because, after all, it doesn't have the same punch as completely neutralizing a lifelong trauma in a few minutes. However, this ability to create clarity in our thinking has major uses for inventors, business decisions, writer's block and a long list of other "limits to our thinking."

Hugs, Gary

by Hilary Moon

My husband and I are using Tapping for all sorts of things, and have had many little successes, like most "Users". However, I did have a teeny and delightful success a couple of days ago and I mention it to you since it was a moment I didn't even think at the time (forgot) to tap, and I am sure that there are many others who may not even consider tapping under these circumstances.

I had mislaid a cheque that I had received in the mail, and was concerned that it may have been thrown inadvertently in the garbage. I searched, casually at first, in all the places I typically would place such a cheque - in the Garbage - in my purse ready to take to the Bank; in my Diary: Several times I went through every item in those places - no cheque. Perhaps it had got muddled in with a bunch of papers I was sorting and filing that day - searched diligently through several files, calmly, and with assurance that it would be there. No. Calmly and with assurance I searched my purse and Diary again: I searched the bedroom, and flipped through each of the four books I am currently reading in case I used it as a Bookmark late one night! No. Well, for three days I searched for this cheque, calmly and with assurance, knowing that it could only be close at hand, some place: some Sensible place! I didn't dedicate a lot of time or energy to it, just when I had a few moments here and there.

However, after three days of casually and calmly keeping my eyes open for this cheque, I acknowledged to my husband that I had mislaid it, and to keep his eyes open for it too. After all it was not such a big thing - just a cheque - only several hundred dollars - only money !!!!

I had just gone up to bed for my daily quick nap in the afternoon ( yes, I consider a Siesta an essential part of my Health Routine!) and suddenly realised that I was very frustrated about mislaying this cheque. It was occupying too much of my thoughts, and now I was feeling frustration and concern about it. In fact I realised in that moment that I had had a feeling of deep concern about it all along! Calm and casual showed itself for what it truly was in this case, just a practiced habit of personality!!!

So I tapped for my frustration at losing this cheque, for my feelings of concern at losing this cheque. No sooner had I done a round or two, when clearly as daylight it came to my mind where the cheque likely was. I Remembered some steps in my filing process. I immediately got off my bed went downstairs and put my hand straight on my cheque, in the most unusual place - in my son's In-Mail Box in the Kitchen. That was the mistake I had made.

What was interesting to me in this little experience a) that I experienced myself as calm and casual about this incident for a couple of days, and it was only when my frustration and concern were really up that I considered tapping away my frustration. b) As soon as I tapped away the veil of emotion around it, I immediately had great clarity about the steps I had taken in relation to the cheque, which were not my usual steps. c) to act promptly on any insights or ideas that result from tapping. When we are clear of emotion around an issue, it gives our Higher Self opportunity to do its work of guiding and directing us in the natural way it is there to do - unless "I" get in the way!!

Just a little experience, but quite a delightful insight for my future day to day ups and downs!!

Hilary Moon

P.S. Whenever I have a "Success" I always complete it by a big "Thank you" to whatever part of my life or body has been brought back into proper balance and functioning, in this case my memory. We cannot under-estimate the value of Appreciation either Psychologically or Physiologically to ourselves, and those around us.


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