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Pyrophobia, fear of medicines and working with groups over the phone.

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

In his message below, Paul Cutright illustrates doing EFT with a group. In this case, the group is comprised of several EFT newcomers that are listening in on a telephone conference call. He then applies EFT (over the phone) to one volunteer for a specific issue and asks the remainder of this "telephone group" to tap along for their individual issues. As you will see, most of the group achieves success even though Paul was only working with one person.

While I've never done this for telephone groups, I have done it many times with seminar groups and it works marvelously. This is a highly efficient means to provide relief to many people simultaneously. For example, it can be applied to groups of war veterans, residents at a battered women's shelter and victims of a recent trauma such as a bombing, shooting, hurricane, earthquake, etc.

Some people have more individual needs, of course, but even those are likely to benefit from group work.

Group Hugs, Gary

By Paul Cutright

Dear Friends,

I had two unusual situations on a recent introductory teleclass for EFT that I have never had before. (For those of you who may not know, a teleclass is a class conducted on the telephone with participants from all over the globe, like a conference call.) One was a woman who had pyrophobia, a fear of fire. Another lady had a fear of taking prescription medications and dying.

These introductory teleclasses are for people who have never heard of or experienced EFT before. There can be anywhere from five to 20 participants in these teleclasses. Everyone comes to the class with an issue they want to clear. I explain to them that I do not need to know what the issue is and that everyone will have an experience of EFT. I let them know that I will ask for a volunteer who is willing to let me work with them on their issue.

While I am working with the volunteer, I ask everyone else to follow along, addressing their own particular issue with EFT. When I am through with the volunteer and s/he has reached a zero, I ask each of the other participants to share their own experience. Typically, some people will have gone to zero while others will be at some other number. If there is time, I will work with one of the other participants.

In this particular class, the lady with the fear of fire volunteered. As she described the fear of being trapped in a fire and wanting to get away from it, she said that she did not like to be near fireplaces or even candles. The crackling sound of fireplaces was too much for her and just talking about it with me brought her to a 7 on the SUDs [0-10 intensity] scale and she was feeling very anxious.

After one short-cut round (setup with karate chop point, eyebrow thru underarm), she had dropped to a 4/5 and was feeling more relaxed. Another round brought her to a 1 and she said she felt peaceful. I then used the 9 Gamut procedure and she went to a zero, declaring that she could not pull up her fear any longer, even though she was trying. She said she was amazed and could hardly believe it!

When checking in with the other participants, most of them had dropped from whatever their beginning point was to anywhere from a zero to a 2, except for one lady whose intensity level was still quite high, an 8 after having been a 10. She found it hard to concentrate on her own issue while listening to me and the volunteer, which happens sometimes.

So, I asked her if she would like for me to work with her and would she mind telling me what the issue was. She was glad, if somewhat embarrassed, to tell me about her fear of taking medications - antibiotics in particular. As she explained her fear of having an allergic reaction and dying, she rose back to a 10. She wasn't sure where this fear came from and it felt very out of control for her. She really just wanted it to be gone!

As we worked very simply with the setup and shortcut rounds as before, she dropped to an 8, then a 6, to a 4 and finally to a 2. She said she felt so much better and could control her fear, which is what she wanted to feel. She was quite satisfied to stop there.

I continue to feel so amazed myself when things like this happen, even though I experience them several times a week!




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