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Cholesterol and EFT

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here is yet another report of impressive physical results that are attributed to tapping. A thank you to Buzz Johnson for providing us with "before and after" statistics regarding tapping and his cholesterol/triglyceride levels.

Hugs, Gary

Hi Gary,

Thought you might be interested in this. I'm also sending copies to my daughter who is a nurse-midwife and TFT/EFT practitioner in England, my brother and my friends, the Bowlands.

Cholesterol and EFT

On 6-11-99 I had some blood work done to test my PSA. I did this at the urging of a friend who had recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer. My PSA checked out OK but the physician said my cholesterol was too high, especially the triglycerides. He suggested that I switch to a very low fat diet, get plenty of exercise and come back for a re-check in one month. If it was still high, he wanted to put me on medication. I decided instead to experiment with Tapping. Below are the results.

Buzz Johnson's before & after
cholesterol statistics

  6-11-99 Normal 7-16-99
cholesterol 206 (140-240) 182
triglycerides 237 (35-160) 179
HDL chol 47 (27-67) 51
LDL chol 112 (62-185) 95
VLDL chol 47 (0-40) 36

As you can see, everything went down except the HDL which went up slightly.

The nurse called me on 7-23-99 with the latest results and said that the doctor was very pleased. I had her make me copies of both medical records and I noticed that on the 7-16-99 copy she made the following note. "He would like to talk to you about this 'method' of chol/trig lowering." Hopefully he, (the Dr.) may be curious.


Buzz Johnson


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