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Using EFT Tapping For Yourself


Congratulations on taking a very powerful step toward Emotional Freedom! No matter what kind of issue you would like to resolve, there are several ways to get solid EFT results on your own.

The EFT Gold Standard Online Tutorial:

  Go to the "Part I & Part II For Everyone" section in this Free Tutorial and study from How to do the EFT Tapping Basics - The Basic Recipe to the The EFT Personal Peace Procedure. This will give you a thorough grounding in the EFT Tapping process and will teach you how to apply EFT to a variety of issues.  Complete with demo videos.

Professional Assistance:

Many EFT Practitioners are enthusiastic about empowering their clients to produce their own emotional freedom. A well trained professional can spend a few sessions helping you get started and provide guidance along the way. Full service is also an option if you prefer to have the work done for you.  See Our Practitioner Listings for a link to highly trained EFT Practitioners.

Considering your issue: 

EFT has been represented as a quick fix or a miracle cure. The truth is, the easier the case, the faster the results, and that is true for most things in this world. We are dealing with emotional issues here, so if you have big traumas or extended periods of trauma in your history, EFT can usually help quite a bit, but it may take some time, or help from a professional.  Similarly, with physical issues, if you are dealing with something chronic or a diagnosed long term condition, EFT may indeed be able to provide significant relief, but it may also take some time, or help from a professional.

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