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Did The Unseen Therapist Find Young Jules' Stuffed Rabbit?

With Optimal EFT we tend to focus on The Unseen Therapist's abilities to bring us peace and healing. However, she is not limited to that. For example, I once asked her assistance in finding my misplaced car keys and, within one minute, I located them. 

This article by Francoise Vache from France gives another example of finding a lost item... this time her young grandson's lost stuffed rabbit, "Little Dede." But was this really the work of The Unseen Therapist... or just coincidence? Here's the story. 


Hi Gary

I had a funny Optimal experience a few weeks ago I’d like to share with you (or maybe is it just “a coincidence”, a funny” Miracle” as many would say) with my 6 year old grandson Jules. EFT is wonderful for kids but would it be easier with Optimal? Would they adhere more easily to it? Could we have better results with them as parents? Sure, so they could really change the world.

After a 45 mns trip together on the Tourist city train in my city, I realized that we had lost “ Little Dédé” his stuffed rabbit. I supposed we had lost it walking up from the castle to the train. 

So I told Jules we had to walk back to the place we started from (5 or 7 mn) but I was sure we couldn’t find it. It is a tourist place with a lot of people walking around. However I told him to check every window ledge, where people might have left it. I finally suggested we invite the Unseen Therapist with her beautiful light and “the TappyBear from the sky sparkling with stars” and breathe in and out. He is used to using EFT and Optimal with me, but in his own way which means very rapidly and simply believing in it (true faith!)

As I told you before it was impossible we could find it back, I just wanted to comfort him. We had had the same experience 2 years before, with no success, but at that time I hadn’t imagined using EFT… 

Of course after 5 minutes, in the distance I noticed a mother and her child talking while holding a white little stuffed rabbit. It was "Little Dede". She finally put the “thing” on the low wall along the castle… 

I told Jules: “Look, can you see it? Little Dédé is over there! Let’s thank the Unseen Therapist!

He was delighted and so was I…The way things unfolded were just a “Miracle.”
I am very invested in EFT with children, my books, workshops etc. I totally agree with your article “A Must for Children” and of course it’s translated on my website and my book.

Love and infinite gratefulness. 



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