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Questions and Answers

Are there deeper levels to address?

Hi Everyone,

After reading Rachel Deitcher's email below, I Skyped with her to discuss her success with the Personal Peace Procedure from my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist. As often happens, her specific events just faded and, like magic, none of them were upsetting. Further, she could no longer find any new specific events to work on. Was she done? Or are there deeper levels to address? I answer these questions within her email  below.

e-hugs, Gary


Hi Gary.

I've been doing the personal peace procedure quite religiously for a few days now. My problem at the moment is that I don't seem to be reacting to any of my events particularly strongly. I presume that I've dealt with some of the issues in previous episodes, but now I feel stuck in that I can't seem to find much to work on. GC COMMENT: My e-book, The Unseen Therapist is introductory in nature and is designed to give you a solid feel for the process. It cannot answer the multitude of individual questions that might arise and that's why we have advanced training at The Optimal EFT Course - Online Training From the Founder. As we discussed, there are deeper issues under the specific events you were working with and those require more sophisticated approaches.

By the way, a while ago when I first started reading about Optimal EFT, and beginning to understand that we are all one, I had about two weeks when I was really feeling love for everyone, including two woman who had made my professional career very difficult in the past, and one neighbour who I had a fight with 30 years ago when we first moved into our present home. When I happened to see them I was able to wholeheartedly smile and say hello rather than doing my best to ignore them as I had in the past.

I was amazed at the time, and still haven't succeeded in returning to that state, although I do my best to remind myself when I look at people in the street, particularly those who in the past I was critical of in one way or another, that they have hearts as I do, and they are all souls dealing with the lives they are in. It works a bit, but nothing like those two weeks I had, which I will always cherish. GC COMMENT: Others have had similar experiences after solid practice with The Unseen Therapist. There is nothing like those experiences and, indeed, they are unforgettable. Others experience the peaceful power of The Unseen Therapist more subtly over time, e.g. relationships become better, anxiety reduces, decisions improve and physical ailments begin to subside. There are many differences in how these results manifest themselves and no way to precisely predict their effects on you.

Thanks for everything



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