Norm Shealy, Md, PhD, endorses EFT

By removing emotional trauma, EFT helps heal physical symptoms too.

Norm Shealy, MD

Author of Soul Medicine.

Before You Move On To Deeper EFT Tapping Work...

The Additional Tools and Refinements you learned in Part III have now expanded your EFT horizons considerably. With Tell the Story Technique you could address the details of a Specific Event, provided they are available. Now you can address events that require privacy, events that carry high intensity, and events the client can’t articulate in addition to working directly with physical discomfort as it relates to unresolved emotional issues. I hope you are starting to see cognitive shifts in your sessions and gaining experience with some of the common challenges.

EFT Tapping Practice image

I’ll take this opportunity again to preach the value of practicing your new skills before moving forward. If it takes anywhere from 25 - 100 hours to get solid experience with Tell the Story Technique (and related concepts in the previous section), it will probably take another 25 - 100 hours to become comfortable with these new tools. Remember, at this point in EFT development, I had already been using these tools for years.

I have estimated that by mastering the EFT tools in this part III, you will have access to an additional 20% of EFT’s power, for a total of 70%. That’s an enormous improvement over the Basic Recipe alone, but it will only be available to you if you have actually mastered the skills. 

The next section will introduce you to the structure of an emotional issue and help you navigate more quickly through your client’s history. However, the tools you practice now will not go away. In fact, as the cases get harder and the skills more involved, the structure you have in these tools for being methodical, specific and thorough will be the safety net that keeps you on course. Use them all until they’re second nature, and then move on to the next section.


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Please note: This Tutorial, while useful, was replaced in 2014 by my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. More efficient. More powerful. Full explanation given in my free, easy-to-read e-book, The Unseen Therapist