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Why We Have Official EFT Training Centers Worldwide

EFT has been distorted: When I introduced EFT to the public in 1995, I had no idea it would be in the hands of millions. Accordingly, I offered it with an "open hand" wherein there were no royalties or legal fences of any kind. That generosity, however, did not include a license to change it. As human nature unfolded, however, enthusiastic people filtered EFT through their own belief systems and, as a result, changed it and recreated EFT in their own images. Accordingly, you will find hundreds of EFT websites on the internet and over one thousand EFT/Tapping books on Amazon.com.

Solution: To address this problem, I have established several "Gary Craig Official EFT Training Centers" in various languages and have trademarked Official EFT™, Gold standard EFT™, Optimal EFT™ and The Unseen Therapist™. These Centers are the only places where Official EFT, including our most important advancements, Optimal EFT and The Unseen Therapist, can be taught. All other trainings are legally limited to their older versions of EFT Tapping.

Your choice: You may visit any of our worldwide Centers by clicking/tapping the appropriate flag at the top of this home page.


The Gary Craig Official EFT Training Centers

What is Official EFT?

  • First, EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and was founded by Gary Craig in 1995. Its earlier forms involved stimulating the acupuncture meridians while tapping on them with the fingertips ... that’s why it is often called "Tapping."
  • Official EFT encompasses both "Tapping" (now called Gold Standard EFT)... AND... our latest advancement, Optimal EFT.
  • Optimal EFT is more powerful than our previous "Tapping" because it involves direct access to our ultimate healing power within. We call this power The Unseen Therapist (a non-denominational name for God, Allah, Source or any other name you choose).
  • We will train you to directly access this power so that you can produce healing results that reach beyond all man-made methods. To maintain consistency, however, it is only taught here.

Featuring the Unseen Therapist

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Gary Craig Certified Official EFT™ Masters

Marion Bilich, PhD quote
What I’ve learned from the OEFT course has supercharged my work in ways that amaze me.
Marion Bilich, PhD
Mair Llewellyn quote
The Unseen Therapist, is a huge leap forward in the healing field. I'm so glad you were entrusted to bring it to the world.
Mair Llewellyn
Lois Langley quote
Over the last fortnight I am amazed by the differences in me. My health, my attitude, my thoughts, my ability to deal with stress, my acceptance of things outside my control and of myself and others. WONDERFUL.
Lois Langley
Dominique Monette, MD quote
The Unseen Therapist is efficient, gentle, highly effective and was a central player in my recovery from leaky gut syndrome.
Dominique Monette, MD
Sharon Clegg quote
Gratitude for your enthusiasm in your craft which is palpable and from which we (as your students) are all lucky enough to benefit. Fantastic content.
Sharon Clegg
Bobbe Perry quote
My heart is filled with gratitude for you and all you do for us to learn and help you develop this process ... and I am asthma free for almost 2 years now.
Bobbe Perry
Ursula Koch quote
I'm so excited! You are a phenomenal teacher. I am so grateful that I am able to do this course.
Ursula Koch
Nora Velzeboer quote
I truly believe that OEFT is such a tremendous tool to engender peace in ourselves, our clients and ultimately the world. You have given us a wonderful gift, Gary!
Nora Velzeboer
David Lake, MD quote
Gary Craig is one of the top 5 therapists in the world. I know, because I've seen the best.
David Lake, MD
Helle Gylling quote
I would have to say that there is enormous potential in this new refinement to bring up unresolved issues that I am not even aware of. Very cool!
Helle Gylling