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Questions and Answers

"What if I cannot connect with the feeling within a specific event?"

Dearest Gary.

In identifying a Specific Event, I find I cannot connect with the feeling of the great fear I felt at the time. In this case, what should I do?

Also, I know the memory that evokes the fear is just a representative situation that 'felt like' one from my childhood. As this representative event occurred when I was an adult but 'felt like' something I experienced earlier in my life that I have no memory of, just that 'feeling', do I need the memory to resolve the trauma of that childhood event I can't remember?


Gina. (PS I'm in Australia.)


Hi Gina,

You may have repressed the previous feeling of great fear you felt at the time (many do). That's OK. Use The Unseen Therapist on that AND a list of specific events (as described in my book, The Unseen Therapist.

The instructions in the book say to identify the issue. They do not say to immerse yourself in it. From the book...

"But take it easy. No need to cause yourself pain by running through it in dramatic fashion. If focusing on the emotional crescendo causes you discomfort, then back off the focus a bit so that it is tolerable. She is listening and can still bring clarity, resolution and peace to it."

If, as you say, you have little or no initial 0-10 intensity on the event, then assessing or testing the result can be a challenge. That does not detract, however, from the power of the process. Do 2 or 3 rounds with The Unseen Therapist for good measure.

Also, ask The Unseen Therapist for help with the "feeling" you describe as though it was a specific event.

Finally, please know that your excellent questions go beyond the introductory nature of my book and wade into the in-depth work involved in our Optimal EFT Course Membership  and our Complete EFT Certification  .Accordingly, there is much more involved in my answer but such detail is outside the scope possible in this correspondence.

Hope this helps, Gary


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