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Official EFT Tutorial

EFT Bonus Articles

Improve Performance With EFT Tapping

You can use EFT to dramatically enhance performance in just about every area.  This includes...

  • singing
  • music
  • acting
  • sales
  • public speaking
  • sports of every kind
  • and just about anything else you can name.

With EFT you can jump farther, sing that higher note, double your sales, improve your batting average, write with a new creative freedom and let your fingers dance on those piano keys like never before.

And you don't need to learn anything new about EFT.  This is because there are usually emotional reasons behind every performance issue.  Just seek out the Specific Events underlying them and collapse them with EFT.  As the emotional limits improve so does the performance.

Here are some examples of globally stated limits that beg to be broken down to Specific Events (including some sample questions that may lead to Specific Events):

  • If I lower my golf handicap, my golf buddies will be jealous and I may weaken those friendships.
    • How do you know they will be jealous?
    • When in your life did jealousy weaken your friendships?
    • How do you know they won't be inspired by you and become better golfers?
    • Who among your golf buddies is most likely to be jealous of you?  What Specific Event occurred in your life with him to give you that perception?
  • If I truly excel in business, I will make more money than my father did and I may lose his love.
    • When was the first time you remember losing your father's love or being in danger of losing it?
    • Is this a logical response ... or an emotional one?
    • Is making more money really the issue?  How else could you lose his love?
  • I don't deserve to fill Carnegie Hall.
    • When was the first time you didn't feel deserving?
    • Where did you get that limit?
    • What building DO you deserve to fill?  A school auditorium?  Who or what keeps you from deserving the best?
  • Adding 5 yards to my field goal range is simply beyond my ability.
    • Where and when did you learn that?
    • What keeps you from adding one more yard to your range ... and then another ... and then another?
    • What other achievements used to be beyond your ability?

However, just as with sophisticated emotional issues, you can often get a lot done just by using the Basic Recipe on surface issues.  Examples:

  • Even though my sales results seem stuck at $X per month....
  • Even though I freeze up on the free throw line....
  • Even though my heart starts pounding when I even think about speaking in front of a group....
  • Even though my fingers aren't nimble enough to run up and down the guitar like [someone else's]....
  • Even though something keeps me from truly being that character in this new play....

Newcomers to EFT usually find this beginner's approach intriguing.  It can be a fabulous interest getter because clients often get rapid results that they previously thought were impossible.  It can prime clients for your deeper work involving Specific Events.



Copyright Gary and Tina Craig
All Rights Reserved

Please note: This Tutorial, while useful, was replaced in 2014 by my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. More efficient. More powerful. Full explanation given in my free, easy-to-read e-book, The Unseen Therapist