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Official EFT Tutorial

Before You Begin

$25,000 Reward for True EFT Innovations

Keeping EFT on the Cutting Edge (Seeking Excellence)

EFT-Tapping-Excellence image

Since 1995 I have been actively searching for true EFT innovations that will consistently and significantly elevate EFT's results above the skillful use of our current methods, including Gold Standard EFT and Optimal EFT. I am even more interested in them now because of EFT's important role in achieving the spiritual awareness that underlies truly advanced levels of healing (that's what this website is about).

Accordingly, I will gladly pay $25,000 for each such innovation and will help promote your work. This will give you (1) a handsome financial reward, (2) an enhanced level of credibility and (3) an important role in accelerating the healing of millions.  It will also display your respect for the EFT Community and establish your integrity as someone who works with EFT rather than someone who improperly uses the EFT name to market non-EFT products.

I am quite serious about this and am hoping that innovators will respect my time and sincerity by only submitting ideas that they have properly tested and carefully compared to our existing methods (details below).  This proper testing and comparison is essential because it separates the true innovations from the endless options for delivering EFT that are found virtually everywhere on the internet.  These options, properly understood, are different ways of delivering the same methods that we are already using and thus are not candidates for the innovations I seek.  Metaphorically stated, I am looking for innovations that will double or triple the size of the EFT tree rather than ornaments and branches that do similar things but under a different name.

I need the logic behind these ideas and I need to see them performed on video across numerous clients with a wide variety of issues. I need to see consistently deeper and longer lasting emotional results than are demonstrated in our materials. I need to see more complete physical results and I need to see you thoroughly test your own work to avoid having a "surface healing" appear to be the real thing.

If you truly have an innovation, and not just another option for delivering EFT, I will devote substantial time and effort into investigating it. Accordingly, I need you to take your innovation seriously by preparing a quality presentation.  It only takes a home movie camera and the time involved to write up your innovation ... a miniscule price for the rewards involved.

All this requires, obviously, that you are thoroughly familiar with all the tools and features of Gold Standard EFT and Optimal EFT that are discussed on our website. By this I mean you have used these tools and features in quality ways and thus know intimately the in-depth capacity for results that they represent. Otherwise, how would you know that your innovation improves on what we already have?

So, with this in mind, here are the requirements for submitting your idea.

  1. Give me the logic/theory behind it. How does it work? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Please be concise. At this stage, a few paragraphs will suffice.

  2. Tell me how it "consistently and significantly elevates EFT's results above the skillful use of our current methods." Compare it to your skillful use of our current methods so that I can see (1) your command of the current methods and (2) how your innovation provides new levels of healing over and above those methods. Please recognize that you cannot make an adequate comparison if you do not have a quality command of our current methods. 

    Accordingly, please withhold your submission until you believe your command of our current methods is similar to mine. I want you to wow me with something that comes from a place of solid knowledge and moves my understanding to a new level. Stated differently, I'm hoping to avoid the awkward circumstance wherein I end up teaching you how the skillful use of our current methods are already matching or exceeding your innovation.

  3. Provide visual proof that your innovation "consistently and significantly elevates EFT's results above the skillful use of our current methods." I am not interested in testimonials, endorsements or studies as these can be easily skewed by politics and enthusiasm. Rather, I want to see it in action. Therein lies the real proof.

  4. Send me at least 10 unedited, full length sessions on DVD where you apply your innovation to a wide variety of ailments. This should be easy to do if you have been applying it to clients often enough to know that it is producing superior results.  Just film your next ten sessions and send them to me.  Show how your innovation consistently provides new levels of healing when compared to what is displayed on our website. Demonstrate how you diligently test your own work to avoid having a "surface healing" appear to be the real thing. Again, please wow me with your results.

Here's an example of how you might make this comparison.  First, choose clients with challenging issues so that you can properly demonstrate your command of the EFT procedures as well as that of your innovation.  Then provide the clients with your best delivery of EFT.  Break down the issue(s) into Specific Events and drill down into the details using the Table Tops and Table Legs procedures.  Thoroughly test each step using the various testing methods previously given in our instructions.  Use the Tell the Story Technique in quality ways and, where appropriate, take the edge off.  When you have exhausted EFT's procedures then use your innovation on what is left.  Make sure you test your result thoroughly so it is clear that you have not just uncovered another aspect or are providing a "surface result."  Doing this with a variety of clients can show how your innovation "consistently and significantly elevates EFT's results above the skillful use of our current methods."

I realize that some of these criteria are subjective and that there is no precise way for me to objectively evaluate your idea against a standardized checklist. On the other hand, as EFT Founder I have more experience with EFT than anyone else and so, if you truly have an innovation, I will know it when I see it. In fact, I will jump out of my socks with enthusiasm.  On the other hand, if your idea falls in the category of "yet another option for delivering EFT," I will know that as well.

I anxiously await your quality innovation.

Cheers, Gary

PS: Because our correspondence may be useful for the public's education, I am assuming your permission to publish it on our website or newsletter.



© Gary and Tina Craig
All Rights Reserved

Please note: This Tutorial, while useful, was replaced in 2014 by my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. More efficient. More powerful. Full explanation given in my free, easy-to-read e-book, The Unseen Therapist