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The Unseen Therapist

NewThink: #4 through #7

Oneness and Other Features of this Unspeakable Grandeur

I don’t know how long I was immersed in my visit with the Divine because time disappears in this state. There is, instead, a splendid sense of now that never ends. As our worldly clocks measure it, however, I think I was only in this state for a few minutes.

Nonetheless, I have distinct recollections from this experience that shine a light on our journey across the bridge. I share them below:

We exist in a state of Oneness.

Despite our seemingly separate bodies, we are all connected into one grand unified experience of which we are currently unaware. This blends beautifully with the Oneness findings of quantum physics.

We erroneously believe we are separate and that belief in separation is the cause of every issue we have:

I don’t just mean our emotional and physical ailments. It is the ultimate cause for war, trauma, poverty and every problem you can name. All of these issues, including death, are impossible in the Oneness state. Since The Unseen Therapist comes from that place, She can lead us to the resolution of these issues. I know this seems to be a far-reaching statement but, as you experience The Unseen Therapist, you will get an exquisite taste of the true grandeur that resides beyond our belief in separation. It is an easy reach from there to expand that taste into an elegant new gourmet meal that can feed a world hungry for this new meaning to life.

Spiritual love is our only true nature.

It is the only thing that exists in our true state of Oneness. Anger, fear, guilt and other negative emotions, while seemingly real to us in the separated state, will gradually diminish as we conduct the practices recommended herein and regain the awareness of our true reality.

Love is the ultimate healing source:

If I could re-achieve and maintain the pure loving state of my visit with the Divine, I could walk into a hospital and my mere presence would have healing effects. Tumors would subside, joints would repair, lungs would clear and every ailment in the hospital would fade into non-existence. You could do the same. I call this ability the Pleasance of Your Presence. It lifts your life to new levels and tends to grow as you perfect your communication with The Unseen Therapist. The improvement may be small at first but, with continued practice, there are no boundaries to its expansion.

Thousands of Visits with the Divine

Thousands of people
Thousands of people have had near death experiences

Many others have had visits from the Divine with similar experiences. Some are like mine in that they happened during life while others are piled up for you on the internet in the form of near death experiences (NDEs). There are more than you can possibly read. I mean thousands upon thousands!

Just do an internet search for the term “near death experiences” and you will see. There are just simply too many to ignore.

For decades these NDEs were given little or no weight by the scientific community. They were considered “woo-woo” despite the voluminous reports to the contrary. Neurosurgeons, in particular, downplayed the phenomenon. In lay terms, they claimed that these experiences were caused by the activation, as death nears, of that portion of the brain responsible for hallucinations. Thus, the neurosurgeons claimed, these visits with the Divine were merely delusions, not to be taken seriously.

That all changed in 2012 upon the publishing of the book Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, MD. Dr. Alexander is a neurosurgeon who contracted a rare brain disease that ate away portions of his brain, including that portion responsible for hallucinations. As he slipped into coma on his way to certain death, he had one of these near death experiences that was supposed to be impossible given the nature of his deteriorated brain.

He completely recovered into perfect health and wrote his book. This put to rest any scientific objection to our visits with the Divine.

Also, I have conducted many interviews with others having “during life spiritual experiences” such as mine. I list them in the next chapter, together with appropriate links, and urge you to listen to them all.