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The Unseen Therapist

A Peek at the Possibilities

Armelle Moneger

Armelle Moneger: Prostate Problems Vastly Improved for her Companion, Patrick

Armelle Moneger
Armelle Moneger

Patrick, my companion, has had prostatitis for about 5 years. To begin with, once a year, the level of PSA (Prostatic Specific Antigen), the urine flow, the emptying of the bladder, has been checked. The size of the prostate was also determined by ultrasound.

For the last two years this check has taken place every 6 months. The urinary flow has been irregular and the bladder not completely empty. A year and a half ago surgery was recommended. Patrick is unwilling to undergo the operation because of incontinence problems that frequently can be the consequence. However, at this stage, we believed it had become impossible to delay the surgery.

Yesterday, during our group session, I put Patrick’s problem on the top of my list for The Unseen Therapist’s help.

Today I accompanied Patrick to his regular visit. The doctor was surprised by the results: the PSA level was correct, the urine flow was good, the prostate was smaller and the bladder was practically empty.

Armelle Moneger

Note from Gary:

Several months later, the prostrate issues showed signs of re-surfacing. This does NOT mean that The Unseen Therapist “didn’t work.” Rather, it means there is more to do.