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The Unseen Therapist

NewThink: #4 through #7

NewThink #7: We have Only One Challenge

One challengePresumably, The Unseen Therapist could enter our bodies and instantly awaken us into our Oneness state. In that case, we would already be across the bridge and this book would be unnecessary.

So why isn’t this already done? What stops Her? What is powerful enough to put the brakes on this dominant force? The answer is — us!


We all share the same Oneness as The Unseen Therapist and, because of this, we have the same power. We are unaware of this power, however, and that is why we need Her help. As indicated in Her previous message, She can only assist us to the extent we allow it. That is Her only limit and thus our only challenge. If we choose to hold onto something — or hide it — or forget it — then it is not available for Her to resolve.

To better understand this concept, imagine sitting at a table where issues you genuinely want resolved are resting on top and in plain sight for The Unseen Therapist. Such “on the table” issues are available to be easily and quickly resolved because you are openly allowing the process.

However, if other issues — or parts thereof — are withheld, hidden or forgotten, then they are under the table and thus not allowed. Examples might include, (1) resentments you wish to keep, (2) guilt you don’t want to look at or (3) fear that causes you anxiety to think about.

As long as you retain them, they will go unresolved and will remain as causes under the table.


Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. The more you practice our process the more these issues will be coaxed out from under the table and placed on top.

She will not interfere with our free will:

So, to be clear, The Unseen Therapist will never interfere with our free will to believe whatever we wish. Nor will She hinder our choice to retain, forget or hide, even from ourselves, the anger, grief, guilt, fear and other negative emotions that help keep us glued to the belief in separation. To do so would turn Her into an unwanted “thought dictator.”

Stated differently, it might seem loving — at least on the surface — for The Unseen Therapist to wave Her spiritual wand and remove our erroneous beliefs and our retained, forgotten or hidden issues. But that would violate our right to think and believe as we choose — and THAT would be an unloving act indeed.

Instead, with some training and effort on our part, The Unseen Therapist will patiently provide abundant evidence regarding our natural state while knowing that we will let go of our limiting beliefs when we are ready to do so.

With practice, we will notice that our healings are accumulating and thus our doubts and limiting beliefs will gradually shift towards enthusiasm. After enthusiasm comes confidence and following that, of course, comes conviction.

We believe in separation:

In the meantime, we are bombarded 24/7 by our erroneous senses that convincingly report a world of separation. Thus, we believe in this separation. It is what we know. We believe we are contained within fleshy fences that must compete with each other for resources, love and even our very existence. And lost among all this ever-present commotion is the awareness of our Oneness state. That ultimate peace is drowned out unless we actively seek its appearance.

So, that belief in separation stands in our way of absorbing the wonders of Oneness and competes with it constantly. Thus, it keeps Oneness at arm’s length and hinders communication with The Unseen Therapist. The one thing needed for getting closer to the Oneness and making communication easier can be reduced to one word...


Let me elaborate on that.

Having taught these ideas to thousands, I have come to realize that this mistaken belief in separation is much easier for students to discuss academically than it is to “own” or truly internalize at the deepest level. Fortunately, this will become easier — even natural — as you venture across the bridge and gain more experience with The Unseen Therapist.

Because this emphasis on our erroneous belief in separation seems a bit hard to grasp, I have previously used other concepts that may be more digestible. One of them is the metaphorical creation of a “Guard at the Gate” whose resistance to The Unseen Therapist is portrayed as keeping Her powers behind a gate with only bits and pieces showing through on occasion. I mention this because you may find reference to this Guard at the Gate if you have read my previous work.

For this book, however, we can point to the lack of trust as our hindrance. Stated differently, trust is an essential component of love and must be present, or developed, to maximize results. Also, The Unseen Therapist, and all that She represents, is likely new to you. For that matter, much of the material in this book may be difficult to “buy” completely. So, again, trust becomes the issue.

Developing trust:

Trust is something we develop with experience. For example, we don’t completely trust that we can hit a baseball or ride a bicycle or perform other tasks, until we do so. We may not completely trust other people until they prove their trustworthiness and we don’t completely trust The Unseen Therapist until we have personal evidence that She is real.

The more evidence (healing) we get, the more trust we have. And the more we build on that trust the more fluid becomes our communication with The Unseen Therapist. This, in turn, produces even greater evidence and leads us to an upward spiral that points toward Oneness and the unspeakable grandeur that is currently outside our awareness.

So we gain trust through experience and in this book, we get that experience through practicing our Personal Peace Procedure. Everything boils down to that process. It’s next.