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Tapping for the troops

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately, war is a fact of life and it is going on somewhere in the world almost perpetually. Pamela Powers recognizes this and proposes ways to do group tapping for the benefit of both our soldiers and their families. Very useful.

Hugs, Gary

By Pamela Leigh Powers, CCHT, EFT- ADV

Dear Gary,

Recently, I was speaking with a grandmother of a soldier in Iraq, and asking how the family was doing.  For every soldier, there is a family that has to endure every day not knowing what their child … spouse … parent … sibling … grandchild … niece … nephew … friend is doing, what danger they are in, and whether they will ever come home.

The 1990 gulf war started the day after my son turned 18, and although he was never called to war, I was a zombie for the whole year.  I can't fathom what it must be like knowing your loved one is in danger and feeling hopeless and helpless to do anything … living for each letter and email, praying for his/her safe return.  Later, I lost my son to melanoma, so I know the heartbreak of losing a child, albeit not in war.

As I was listening to this grandmother, it occurred to me, much as we do Borrowing Benefits in EFT, that families could gather together and tap for their loved one at war, as well as for themselves to get through each day.  It would be a way for a family to do something tangible for their loved one and themselves.  EFT provides visible results and could help the families to unite behind a common goal regardless of politics.

I'm suggesting families everywhere can gather together - or if they live many miles apart, agree that at a certain time on a certain day, at certain intervals, everyone will tap individually at the same time - and yet, collectively - for their loved one and themselves.

A typical session could go something like this:

Take some deep breaths and get into a relaxed state.  You might want to hold hands, or not.  You might want to sit on the floor, or not; whatever is appropriate for you is right.  If family members are far apart, you could do a telephone conference call, or video chat, or just ask everyone to tap at a certain time of day, coordinating your efforts.

You can start by saying that you are tapping for (Name) and you are doing it in light and love for his/her safety and to come home unimpaired, and you do it with the knowing that it is 100% up to him/her whether s/he wants to accept it.

Then everyone taps the karate chop point, and says:

Even though (Name) is far away in (Place) and even though we are apprehensive and fearful over his/her welfare, we deeply and completely love and accept (Name) and ourselves, honor and respect ourselves at this most sensitive time.  Do this 3 times.

Then, continuing tapping on the karate chop point, saying:

We forgive ourselves for our fear and doubt.  We hold (Name) with love in our hearts and know that this collective tapping will open positive energy for his/her benefit.

This experience is merely a physical manifestation of a blocked emotional issue, and as such, we choose to release it and set it - and us - free.

(We say 'merely' simply to let our subconscious know what's involved here)

Then, everyone is encouraged to close their eyes and take a few deep breaths, and allow yourselves to go down gently and easily into a safe inner place within, where you can access your truth.  Then visualize a spotlight with a chair at its focus and someone sitting there.  It may be your loved one in war, it may be an ancestor, it may be a wise person; whomever is there is important to this process.

This person may have wisdom for you.  You might ask what it is this person has to reveal to you today … another question might be why is it this person is in the chair … or what comfort this person can give you today, so that all of you will feel better about the situation.  You may get a reply right away in your visualization, or in the days and weeks ahead, all of a sudden something will pop into your head or someone will say something, or in some way you'll know that this was your wise person giving you the perspective you need.

Then, start tapping,

Top of Head:  (Name)

Eyebrow:  In Iraq (or other military action)

Side of Eye:  In harm's way

Under Eye:  We tap for him/her

Under Nose:  Holding him/her in light

Below ears at jaw line:*  Knowing EFT will open up new paths of answers

Chin:  Holding him/her in light

Collarbone:  (Name)

Under Arm:  In Iraq

5 fingers together*:  In harm's way

Clap inner wrists together:  We tap for him/her

* Since we don't use the gamut points much anymore, I started tapping the 5 fingers of one hand to the 5 fingers of the other at the tips.  I also found, that the point under the ears at the jaw line is a potent spot, bringing in the Small Intestine meridian, and releasing victim emotions.

Do a couple rounds or so and then move on to:

Top of Head:  (Name)

Eyebrow:  In Iraq (or other military action)

Side of Eye:  In harm's way

Under Eye:  We tap for ourselves

Under Nose:  Acknowledging our fear and apprehension

Below ears at jaw line:  Honoring our feelings

Collarbone:  Joining together for strength

Under Arm:  United for his/her safe return

5 fingers together*:  (Name)

Clap inner wrists together:  We tap for him/her

Top of Head:  Sending light and love

Eyebrow:  Holding him/her in our thoughts

Side of Eye:  Holding on to the vision of his/her safe return

Under Eye:  (Name)

Under Nose:  In Iraq

Below ears at jaw line: Allaying our fears

Collarbone:  (Name)

Under Arm:  In Iraq

5 fingers together:  In harm's way

Clap inner wrists together:  We send our love for his/her safe return

Do that round a few times as well.  As you tap, your own words and phrases can, and often do, come up, which you can incorporate into this script.  This tapping can often bring peace of mind to you and yours, and as you tap, new perspectives will emerge.

Then open your eyes.  If you're in a group, you might want to talk about your experience, as different family members may see different 'people' in their visualization.  By sharing the wisdom from each family member, you can get a deeper meaning from the experience.  If the family is spread about at a distance, you could email each other with your observations.

You might want to complete this with,

(Name) we do this tapping today and send it to you with all our love, gathered together for your benefit, and we hold it in our hearts that it will open up new doors and vistas for your safe return.

This can be modified for military members who have returned and are in military hospitals, healing.  It can be modified for those who have returned and are dealing with emotional memories of their experience.  Those of us who have watched the DVDs, know Gary did a great DVD on his work at the VA hospital in Los Angeles in the middle 90's, working with veterans from Vietnam, helping to release traumas from 20 years before.  It could also be modified for families who have lost a soldier, coming together to support each other in their grief.  Individuals could also do this for the troops in general.

Pamela Leigh Powers, CCHT, EFT-ADV


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