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Melody gets over her fear of public speaking

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Listen in as Dawn Murray from Canada tells us about this very shy lady whose stage fright disappears. Note that the fear vanished while tapping along in an audience. No one-on-one work was necessary.

Hugs, Gary

By Dawn Murray, EFT-ADV

In my recent EFT workshop I asked if anyone would like to work on the fear of public speaking. There was a young girl (Melody) sitting in the back row with her friends, holding up her index finger close to her face so no one would actually see her and seeing as I was the only one at the front of the room there werent' any others to see this.

I asked Melody if she would like to come to the front of the room. Her face turned red, she wanted to escape but was too far from the door. I took that as a NO! so I just started in with everyone following along as we had done all evening.

I tapped on the edge of my hand saying, "Even though I am terrified to speak in front of people, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway". I then had everyone repeat, "Even though I can feel my face going red, my breathing constrict and a great fear take it's hold on me, I deeply and completly love and accept myself anyway, without judgement". And for the third round I had everyone repeat, "Even though I couldn't imagine standing in front of a group, afraid to speak in case I say something stupid and they all look at me, I would just want to fall into a crack in the floor, I deeply and comletely love and accept myself anyway".

We tapped one complete round of the negative, "I am afraid to speak up in front of others in case I make a mistake and they laugh at me or riducule me", then one round of positive, "I comfortably and easily speak up for myself in a confident manner." And with that I asked Melody how she felt now.

She answered that she'd have to have everyone look at her to see if anything had changed. :) (see how well it worked already and she hadn't realized it yet), her friends were shocked that she actually said that and of course everyone turned in their seat and looked at Melody.

I asked her how it felt now and she answered she'd have to come to the front to see, :) how thrilling it was for everyone to see and still Melody hadn't registered what she was now able to do without a drop of fear. Up to the front she came, stood looking straight at me as I asked again how she felt. Melody said she thought she'd have to speak to the audience so I invited her to. She turned and repeated after me "Go fly a kite!!" to which all her friends gave her a standing ovation!!

Now is when I lay the truth of her power on her by saying that it wasn't me that did that for her or even to her, it was she who did the tapping, she who was tuned into her fear, smoothed out the disruption and she who took her power back and she was dumb-struck. Her friends were laughing and shouting and applauding her and she finally let it sink in that it really was her that did that magnificent job of getting rid of this long-held fear.

Melody, thanked me and sat back down. The rest of the evening went along with the same success of those who participated and at the end of the evening I asked if anyone would like to share anything that happened to them tonight. Melody got straight up, came to the front and spoke like a pro. She said she was impressed with her power and that she realized she had not stood in her power for a long time. She looked over her list that she had made before she came and stated that now looking at that list there were several things she had written that she feared, like snakes etc. and she was totally aware that they no longer had a hold on her. She gave me a big hug and I returned it gratefully and everyone applauded.

I did do a follow up with Melody 3 weeks after our incredible evening and she shared with me that she applied for a new job with ease and confidence and GOT IT.

Dawn Murray, EFT-ADV




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