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Other Physical Issues

Skin Disorders

Using EFT for a rash: "George under my skin"

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Pat Farrell's client didn't show up for her appointment because of a severe rash on her leg. Although the rash experienced noticeable improvement with simple EFT, Pat moved forward for even further healing by bringing in some sophisticated detective work and creative approaches. As it turns out, relationship issues appeared to be a core cause of the rash and, once they were resolved, the rash subsided to near zero.

By Pat Farrell

Hi Gary:

I am a firm believer in using EFT on everything. I always say that the worst that will happen is nothing. The following is the reason.

I just called "Brenda", my 2PM appointment. She said, "Didn't you get my email? I am not feeling well and have a horrible rash on the inside of my legs. It's probably from riding my bike. I am lying down on the couch because I can't even walk."

No matter what topical remedies she tried, nothing seemed to work. When she told me the story, I suggested that we do some work on the rash. The appointment was originally scheduled to discover and heal relationship patterns that were showing up in her life.

She was in agony and actually had welts on her legs from scratching. The rash was about a week old and she could barely walk because it was so painful and burning.

This all happened shortly after she had come back from a trip where it was possible that she might have to interact with a man with whom she had had a short lived affair. She didn't see him but did a lot of processing about "getting him out of my system." She had even gone to a church and prayed about it and believed that she had let it go. Since "George" had been married, I worked on the guilt of having had a married man in her life. I also included another married man with whom Brenda had a very close relationship. Although not physically sexual, this second relationship ("Mike") was emotionally sexual in nature.

Even though I have this guilt about having had an affair with a married man,...

Even though I have this other close relationship with Mike...

Even though I have this guilt about having married men in my life...

The discomfort of the rash went from a "15" (on a scale of 10) to a 5 with one round of tapping. She said the "burning sensation" was gone after the first round. I asked her what her level of guilt was and she said "7". I then asked what other situations in her past would bring up guilt. She said she had dumped her boyfriend ("Sam") about 7 years ago and it had been very ugly. She had been very mean and still felt very guilty about it. She also said that since George reminded her of her old boyfriend, she thought that was a sign that all of that was gone.

The next two rounds were about forgiving herself for hurting her old boyfriend and for having an affair with a married man, and forgiving George for dumping her so nastily. He had come to see her for a weekend, she had done all of the sexual things that he wanted and at the end of the weekend, he told her he didn't love her any more.

Even though I really dumped on Sam, I forgive myself and still deeply love and accept myself .

Even though this Karma came back to me in the form of George dumping on me...

Even though this relationship with Mike is emotionally sexual in nature...

Brenda told me that when we mentioned Mike she felt a whoosh in her body and something went down to her feet. Her level of guilt was down to a 2. The discomfort of her rash was about a 2.

At this point, I went back to "getting him out of my system" since the skin is our largest organ and processes much of our physical and emotional toxins.

Even though I still have George under my skin....

Even though no matter what I do George is still under my skin...

Then we tapped with "George under my skin" on all of the points. We brought in some of the Choices methods and added forgiveness.

George under my skin

I choose to release George from under my skin.

I forgive myself for letting George get under my skin.

The discomfort of the rash was down to a = and the guilt was a "0" The emotional underpinnings of the rash were gone and the discomfort was gone. Then we worked directly on the rash intertwined with forgiveness.

Even though this rash is still under my skin...

Even though this guilt has lived in my body for so long I am not even sure what my body will feel like without this guilt,...

Even though my body is used to feeling this guilt and it is coming out of my skin...

When we were done (one hour), there was no burning sensation, the hives were almost flat and her skin color was returning to normal.

At 5:44, 2 and a half hours after we completed the session, I received this email from her:

"WOW! You ARE amazing. It's pretty nearly gone, it's not nearly as warm as it was and the welts have gone down a TON!"

So.....Try it on everything!


Pat Farrell


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