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Hi Everyone,

Dr. David Lake sends us this testimonial letter of his first class work in assisting a young lady to overcome a stress-related cough she'd had for 8 years - cured in just 3 sessions.

From Natasha, Dr. David Lake's client

Hi David,

Sorry it has taken me so long to put this together, it has been a difficult couple of weeks for me with my grandfather finally passing away. But, I could not have gotten through it without help of tapping and the success I have had from your therapy. So I hope this testimonial helps with your workshops! It could be a bit long winded - and I sound a bit like an evangelist from a cult, so I hope it is OK!

PS could you email me details about how to become accredited in EFT as my mum (who is a psychologist) is interested in knowing more!

How "tapping" changed my life!

My name is Natasha Donnolley [from Australia] and I am an IT Products Consultant with a Human Resources Development Consultancy.

In mid 1990 (my HSC year) I developed a very loud and obtrusive chest cough that was so bad I had to sit outside the classroom because the other students couldn't hear! I would walk down the street and people would make rude comments or offer me cough lollies. It got so bad that I couldn't breath without coughing and I was rushed to an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist for help. After a battery of tests (showing nothing) my doctor prescribed a very heavy narcotic drug which stopped the cough within a couple of days but made me as high as a kite!

The cough returned within a couple of months and over the last 8 years I have sought the advice of over 12 different health professionals, from Respiratory Physicians to allergists and from acupuncturists to radiologists. In the end the only diagnosis I could get was that the cough was stress related (I am a highly stressed person and have suffered from clinical depression). It would only go away for very short periods of time, that is, the best I would get was only coughing a couple of times a day, the worst was constant coughing. It was such a loud and deep cough that people cringed and you could hear it blocks away. The thing was, I never coughed in my sleep.

As you can imagine it was very distressing, not just for me personally and professionally, but also for those around me, especially my husband and my work mates. It is not the most sociable affliction!

I tried every cough medicine under the sun and by accident (I broke my ankle) found out that morphine stopped it! This obviously wasn't a viable solution!

I finally got fed up with the answers I was getting from my doctors - I had become an expert in relaxation techniques and stress management, but it made no difference.

I finally considered hypnosis as my last resort. I contacted my therapist (who I saw after my breakdown) and he recommended Dr. Lake to me.

During my first session with David, he explained EFT and how he found it more successful than hypnosis. So we agreed to try it out. To demonstrate how it worked we first tried it on my fear of spiders and other insects. I was amazed at how quickly I had a result (my fear dropped by 50% almost instantly after tapping for about 10 minutes or so).

After my first session I continued to "tap" at home, probably 3-7 times a day, using a variety of problems, but mostly focusing on my cough. I used the "urge to cough" as my problem or words to that effect.

During our second one hour session David focused first on my spider phobia (it was getting remarkably better - so much so that before I started I would hyperventilate if one was on the wall near me and after two sessions I could pick one up on a newspaper and walk it outside!) and then went further into my cough and the causes of it. I had done quite a lot of work with another psychologist last year and was aware that my own negative thinking was the cause of most of my stress and emotional problems. I think this helped me get such a quick result from "tapping" because my awareness of the problems were nearer the surface than for most people.

By my third session (only two weeks after my first) I was coughing only occasionally and had a more optimistic outlook and a feeling of wellbeing I had not had before.

My grandfather, who I was very close to, had been dying for the last couple of months and from past experience my cough should have been at its worst due to the stress of this. I am happy to say that it has now gone!! The results of my "tapping" greatly assisted me in coping with my grandfather's death last week, and I am far more calm and relaxed than I have ever been in my life!

I suffered with this terrible affliction for over 8 years and thought I would have it for life. In just three sessions and "tapping" every day my cough has totally gone. I cannot praise this technique enough!! It really has changed my life and I guess it has changed those people close to me who have seen the change in my life. "Tapping" felt to me like I was cutting away at a thicket of tangled vines that surrounded my core. Each time I tapped one of the vines would spring off, getting me closer to the core of my problems (whatever they are). Finally, the tapping seems to be attacking the centre of this thicket like "roundup" on a patch of weeds!

I come from a family of health professionals and have had a very scientific background. I have to admit I was extremely skeptical when Dr. Lake first explained EFT to me, but after trying everything else I was willing to try anything! I am still stunned at how successful "tapping" has been for me. I am still kicking myself that I suffered the anger, the frustration, the embarrassment and the damage to me personally & professionally for 8 years before finding out about EFT.

I still tap every day for a variety of problems, even as minor as not wanting to go to work in the morning!! To me it has been nothing short of a miracle.


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