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First Aid

EFT first aid for Jerry's crushed finger - he was typing 2 days later

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our Free Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tutorial™ for a more complete understanding.

Hi Everyone,

Jerry Schulz smashed his finger so hard in a car door that others thought he would lose the nail. He says, "It is now six months later and I never lost the nail and the discolored area has completely grown out. There was never any pain after the first rounds of EFT." Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Jerry Schulz

One winter, I was taking pictures of the fireworks outside my car. I reached for the closing car door just in time to have my finger smashed as the door closed. The pain was intense. I immediately pushed my fingers into a snow bank which seemed to add to the stinging sensation. There was no need to evaluate whether it was an 8 or a 10, Heck, even my groin, elbow, and back of the legs hurt. Once I got back into the car my wife started looking for first aid stuff in the glove compartment. I tapped everywhere including the nerve path up my right wrist all the way to the elbow. I tapped:

Even though I have this huge finger injury, I send all my healing energy to it.

Even though I forgive everybody involved I choose to extend forgiveness for things I did not think about.

By the end of the fireworks show, a bandage had been applied with some packed snow for cooling and the pain had subsided so much I was able to drive without difficulty. Once we got home, I washed off the abraded knuckle, applied some triple antibiotic to ward off infection, and put on a new bandage. The I tapped some more: In addition to repeating the statements used during the fireworks, I tapped repeatedly (about 7 rounds total) with these additional statements:

Even though people all around me are telling me I will lose the nail, I know EFT will speed healing so I will keep my nail.

It is really more convenient to keep my nail even though it has a big abrasion and bruise.

I'm typing this e-mail just two days later using the injured finger with only slight sensitivity. I never had any need for pain medication. I noticed after the fact that I had used the injured hand to try to pull open a frozen car door today.- NO PAIN!

Thanks for a great speed healing method!

Jerry Schulz

P.S. It is now six months later and I never lost the nail and the discolored area has completely grown out. There was never any pain after the first rounds of EFT.


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