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Other Physical Issues


Resolving allergies and related ailments

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Allergies have many related ailments. Thus it is not unusual to find an allergy ridden client with anxiety, headaches, brain fog, lower energy, asthma and a long list of other issues. Such was the case with Deborah-Mirian Leff's client, Theresa. Listen in to the successful details of this case below and note one of the questions Deborah asks to deepen the session. I make a supporting comment about it within the article.

By Deborah-Miriam Leff

Theresa had lots of chemical sensitivities, and was anxious about not being in control of her environment. Traveling was especially difficult, and, on her way to my city, exposure to jet fuel vapors at the airport gave her a bad headache and sore throat. Symptoms worsened in her hotel room from exposure to cleaning product smells, and fumes from a gas fireplace. She slept poorly and the next day awoke with an intense headache, blurred vision, her face hurt, her throat hurt, she had what she called "brain fog" (unable to think clearly), and she had asthma. Her medications weren't providing relief, and she was frantically trying to find another hotel to move to, but feeling pessimistic about improving the situation.

I told Theresa about EFT, and she agreed to do a session with me. We left her family chatting together, while we went into a private room and shut the door. I explained how EFT worked, and taught her the points. In my estimation, she was at a 9 or 10 in terms of how upset she was (not only about her physical symptoms, but also about ruining her family's vacation with her special needs).

I decided not to tap for anxiety, because she seemed to feel that "Worry" was a friend that kept her on top of dangerous allergen situations, and I didn't want to upset her more by offering to take it away. So instead we tapped for her physical symptoms.

After one round the headache was better. After two rounds the blurred vision improved. We continued tapping, and after about four rounds, all the allergy symptoms had abated, except for the asthma which hadn't budged, and the anxiety, which now seemed at about a 5.

I questioned her. "I don't remember you ever having asthma. When did this start?"

She surprised me by saying, "I'll tell you exactly when it started: when I took a holocaust literature class last year!"

"Really? What do you think the connection is?"

"They sent all those Jews into the showers, and turned on the gas - I choke just thinking about it."

I asked her to pinpoint what exactly was so terrible about that whole scenario, and she answered indignantly, "That the whole world let it happen!"

So we tapped a round saying, "Even though no one cared if the Jews were killed, I completely and totally forgive the world for letting it happen." The asthma was better after this, but not gone.

So I asked, "What was even worse than the whole world not caring?"

GC COMMENT: Superb question! If there is an even more foundational core issue than the one you are working on, this form of question is likely to find it.

DEBORAH CONTINUES: This time she had to think for a second. "That God didn't care," she said quietly.

So we tapped again, and this time we forgave God. After two rounds her asthma completely cleared, and all the symptoms, including anxiety, were gone. She was thrilled and jumped up and went out to join the rest of her family. They turned to look at her as she came out the door, and they all had their mouths hanging open. She had come in anxious, tearful, asthmatic, foggy and headachey, and now she was bouncing and sparkling and completely symptom-free. All in 40 minutes!

During the next two days, we tapped briefly for minor symptoms that returned, then they didn't come back for the rest of the week. Theresa even 'pushed her luck' by eating allergy foods and was amazed there were no symptoms. Borrowing Benefits: that week I also ate foods I would ordinarily avoid because of allergies, but I felt great and ate allergy foods for five days straight without a problem! I had done nothing except tap with the client for her allergy symptoms (which weren't even the same as mine).

When Theresa left town, she hugged me and thanked me. Even though we did not tap for anxiety, she remarked that she had felt completely and blessedly free of mental burden - something she had not experienced in at least ten years!

We continue tapping via telephone.

Deborah-Miriam Leff, Medford, Oregon
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