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Fears And Phobias


Successful surrogate EFT on Hiccups, Fear of Heights and a Sore Throat

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Jagjeet Singh Ahluwalia, from India (currently in Canada) shares three instances of successful uses of surrogate EFT.

By Jagjeet Singh Ahluwalia

Hello Gary,

I have had a few instances of success with surrogate EFT and wish to share them.

Hiccups: I have a friend called Jamie who had heard about me practicing EFT. She and her husband were visiting us in Montreal from the US. We were in a local transport bus and suddenly she started with hiccups.

So we started with the procedure in the local bus but had to stop because we started getting stares from other people in the bus. After 10 minutes she still her her hiccups and then suddenly it dawned on me to use surrogate tapping.

So I started with it and did around 2 rounds, the second one was not yet complete because she stopped with her hiccups. After that I waited and waited and waited.... for the hiccups to return ( there is a time lag between two hiccups so I was assuming maybe it is taking longer) but they didn't. Then I confirmed with her and she & other friends noticed that her hiccups had gone. She was pleasantly surprised and of course relieved.

Fear of Heights: This is later in the same day and the case involved here is Jamie again. I was standing with another friend in the balcony of our seventh floor apartment looking down on the crowd as we live very near to a famous university in Montreal.

So Jamie just walked out and as soon as she was out in the balcony she immediately retraced her steps back towards the door. I asked her what happened she said she is feeling some fear to be standing there and looking down. I asked her are you feeling dizzy or what, she said just fearful and I cannot look down.

So I started with surrogate tapping again: "Even though I am fearful....." and then "Even though I cannot look down..." Two rounds and then I got busy talking with my other friend and Jamie was back in the room. After a while she was back and standing in the balcony and looking down, very comfortable and stood there with no hassles.

I was surprised and asked her are you OK standing here now and she said "Oh my God! I am standing here and looking down." She said she was not feeling any fear and was very comfortable. Now this was a shock to me too because in my mind hiccups was small but this phobia I thought needed more work. Anyway I did tell her that I had been doing some healing on her so that could be a reason. But this was quite a surprise...

Sore throat: I woke up once in the middle of the night with some throat ache. Now I did not want to get up, in fact even lying down also did not want to start rubbing my sore spot and then go tapping....guess I was being lazy at 2.30 A.M.

So I started intentional tapping and one round is what it took and there was no pain, in fact I lay awake more time trying to feel the pain than because of the actual pain. I tried making some noises in the throat, clearing my throat, swallowing saliva ...but I could not feel the pain. So I went back to sleep in a bit of surprise.

There are more instances but I should be signing off for now and Gary I am very grateful to have found your website and EFT last year as it helps with so many things simple or complex and is a integral part of my/family's daily life.

Best Regards,


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