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Fears And Phobias


When stuck in an elevator....

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Steve Wells recently found himself stuck in a "lift" (that's Australian for elevator) for 25 to 30 minutes. Our emotions can play tug-of-war with our psyches under such circumstances--especially when we are 5 floors up--and it is easy to shift into panic. Listen in as Steve tells his story, including his use of EFT to shift back from panic to calm.

Hugs, Gary

by Steve Wells

This morning, after conducting a corporate training seminar, I became stuck in a lift. After pressing buttons for a while I realised the thing was not going to move and reached for the emergency telephone. At this point I was feeling fine, if not even a little amused.

The emergency phone was answered by a security officer who informed me that the lift technicians had just left for their lunch break (other lifts had been having trouble earlier in the day). He said he would attempt to locate them and this might take some time. However he should be able to bring me down to the ground by hitting the emergency button.

A light went on in the lift but the lift did not move. Five minutes later I picked up the phone again and the same gentleman informed me that since the button had failed I would have to wait in the lift until the technicians were found. And then he asked me if I was okay and said "You're not getting panicky are you?"

Well up until that point I hadn't been. But after hanging up the phone I began to ruminate on his statement and all of a sudden I was feeling a little unsure. The lift was up around the fifth floor. I began to wonder if indeed it might be possible for the thing to drop. "Ah well," I thought trying to stay calm, "At least it is only five floors." A drop of five floors wouldn't kill one would it? This didn't reassure me at all and I started to feel worried.

As I have been using EFT for some time now, just starting to get any of those worrying feelings cues me into using the technique. "Thank God", I thought, "That I have something I can use to calm myself down." But at the same time I was starting to feel decidedly uneasy and by this point was thinking that the air in the lift was a bit on the stale side. I was feeling quite uncomfortable as I sat down on the floor to start tapping.

It took just one and a half rounds of the shortcut version of EFT before I started to feel the same mildly amused feeling I had felt upon first realising I was stuck in the lift. I remembered that I had my mobile phone and thought about ringing my wife. When I told her where I was we had a good laugh (just last week a friend and I had been stuck in a fire escape!). We had a lovely talk for a few minutes and then I hung up to make some other calls.

And then my phone battery ran out.

Immediately the worrying feelings started to intensify again (something about being stuck and not being able to do anything meaningful about it). At this stage I had been in the lift for about 20 minutes. I immediately did two more rounds of EFT on the thought that there was nothing I could do and that I might be stuck there for some time. Again the feelings cleared and I began to think about how else I could use the time. I decided to start planning all the things I would do when I returned to the office and became so involved in this that I was even a little miffed when, a few minutes later, the lift began to lurch in a downwards fashion. I had started to appreciate the wonderful opportunity these few quiet moments had given me to engage in some uninterrupted forward planning!!!

A minute later the lift lurched wildly a couple of times and ended it's descent, with the door opening at the basement. A uniformed man immediately stepped in, swiped his security card and pressed a number. I assumed he was the lift technician and would immediately take me to the level I'd wanted to go to, but even as we exchanged pleasantries and the door closed I realised that he was just another worker! Well surprise surprise the lift stalled again! This time I laughed and laughed! The other guy was obviously a little more concerned however and I began to think I might need to offer him some EFT when the lift began lurching a little and eventually took us to the requested floor.

In all I had been in the lift for about 25-30 minutes and overall the experience was not all that unpleasant. However, without EFT I know it could have been quite different. I reflected afterwards on how terrifying such experiences must be for those who do not have this lifeline available to them. And I became even more determined to get the word out.

So if you have the opportunity to share EFT with someone else please take it. Then when they get stuck like I did - or worse - they too will have a lifeline.

Keep well,

Steve Wells


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