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Finding the core issue behind a sweets addiction

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Baerbel Froehlin, Cht gives us this account of a rapid relief for an active addiction to sweets. She used a different approach than I might have used and ended up with discovering the core issue AFTER tapping. I would have attempted to find it BEFORE tapping and so, for contrast, I interject, within her article, how I might have handled this issue. I think you will find the comparison useful. It points out that there is more than one way to be an artist with EFT.

By Baerbel Froehlin, Cht

Hi Gary!

This is another powerful example of how easily EFT and Hypnotherapy can be combined to create 5-minute miracles!

"I'm responsible for everything!"

John is a man in his forties, a CEO in a computer company, who came to me asking for help to bring down his weight and his high blood pressure. He described that with a few pounds too many and his stressful job he was experiencing quite some anxiety on a daily basis. He often found himself sitting at his computer eating candy bars and drinking soda, because it had a calming effect on him. Besides that, he constantly felt as if he never had enough time to do his work, he always felt pressured by the responsibility; as if he wasn't able to do a good enough job. So he just couldn't help it but stuff himself with sweets.

GC COMMENT: My approach would have been to ask questions like, "What does this remind you of?" ...OR... "Was there a previous time, like in childhood, when you had addictive cravings while feeling pressured by responsibility?" This will often lead me to a core SPECIFIC EVENT that will occupy the centerpiece of our EFT session.

BAERBEL CONTINUES: We started out with:

"Even though I never have enough time to do what is expected from me...."
"Even though I comfort myself with sweets ... and I feel guilty about it .... but it's the only thing that takes away my anxiety ...."

"Even though I am afraid of failure .... and I am in charge of this whole company ...... I now choose to accept my chocolate cravings .... because I understand I do need those sweets to make myself feel better .... to be able to do my work ...... to calm down a bit ......"

GC COMMENT: Please note that the above language approaches the problem much more globally than I typically suggest. In this case, it has the effect of bringing up the core issue later.

BAERBEL CONTINUES: Here he went into a light trance on his own (EFT tends to bring this about), obviously relieved of his guilt and anxiety, to find himself back at an early age of 12 years.

While he was in this light stage of trance, we easily discussed what turned out to be his core experience. He described how his parents at one time had to leave for a weekend trip. They left him to babysit his younger brother, but most importantly, in charge of the gas station they owned. He had to be there all the time and he didn't leave at night. Being overwhelmed with this huge responsibility and scared to death of being robbed, he found himself sitting in the gas station all night with a loaded rifle on his knees!

And there and then he kept himself awake all night by eating one candy bar after the other. The many sodas he drank that night.... he could still remember.

After he opened his eyes, the tears kept streaming down his face and boy, did I get a big hug!

That was the whole session. He went home like on clouds, e-mailed me three days later, that he had started to lose weight almost instantly. Since then he'd been losing so much weight, that everybody asked if he was ill, so he stopped being so selective with what he was eating. Now his weight is normal and his blood pressure is absolutely fine. He no longer feels overly pressured in his work, he is much calmer now and enjoys his slim, healthy body.

What a great experience, to be the facilitator in this transformation. EFT opened the doors once again ...........
and real fast!

Love to you all.

Baerbel Froehlin, CHt./HypnoCoach

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